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  1. How long does it take to get re-marked?
  2. My friends from Vancouver are going to uOttawa, and it's under $20k per year, everything included. Tuition alone is $5-6k per university afaik, UBC for example is $5.5k for the most part ; after that though you still have about $500-1000 worth of text books.
  3. The upper boundary for a 5 for Math HL is 65.5, in Canada's timezone. I got a 6. I'm impressed with myself Guys do all the paper 1/2s etc get posted online ?
  4. My whole is heavily, heavily multicultural. By that, I mean that in my graduating class of 40, there are probably 20-25 countries represented (Japan, Ecuador, Poland, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Congo, Algeria, Saudia Arabia, In my IB class that finished this year, we only had 4 students; nonetheless, we had one quebecois / japanese, one french/polish, one congolese, and one quebecois My school is Francophone, and has many immigrants that come. Another added bonus is that the school district pays for the IB exams, so even families with lower incomes can still allow their children an education I
  5. I think that that would be very hard to prove And bottom line, it would be hard to say that it is genetic, considering that homosexual children are born from heterosexual parents... Note: That's a highly subjective topic ; since you're discussing the fact that it could be genetic, you'll also want to take a look at counter-arguments ... keeping in line with Nature vs Nurture (for homosexuality, not evil... I'm not homophobic, I swear!) you might want to look at a culture, society or the child's upbringing Statistically, you can prove it. But you're going back to a very basic psychological dile
  6. When you say harsh boundaries, do you mean that the boundaries will go down? Usually harsh boundaries imply they will be higher, hence it will be harder to get a higher grade. Personally I thought the paper was relatively easy, maybe it's because I've done so many past papers? I had a few friends who found it harder than recent years. The only year I found extremely easy was 2011, soo I don't know. I found both papers pretty easy. I'm just going off the fact that many users here have said it was harder than the past few years. But I have a feeling the boundaries will be harsh too
  7. I think IB is pretty nice. All you have to do is find an angle
  8. Ahhh sucks for you :/ But! Predicted B in History. Not bad. and I have a predicted A in TOK (19/20 on the oral) so that gives me 3 bonus points. Not bad
  9. I completely agree. For me it's simply a lack of work habits which I've held onto from my early years of school. I would presume that many people in the IB are similar ; you learn very easily, which made elementary school and highschool a breeze. There was no work required and stuff, it was easy. It was during these years that I acquired the habits of not working. Maybe it's simply the discrepancy in workload between normal school and IB. Nevertheless, another justification for myself is simply that I was peer-pressured into IB. I am currently the second "graduating" class of my school for IB
  10. When you say harsh boundaries, do you mean that the boundaries will go down? Since the general impressions of this thread are that the exams were difficult, I believe that the "harsh boundaries" imply it will be easier to obtain a 7. Just my take on this ... I personally found both exams quite easy so I don't know ...
  11. Bump ; anyone know song #7?
  12. Yep you should get a bilingual diploma, Stanislaw Also your experience isn't directly comparable as the course has changed for 2013 so people are able to effectively take what used to be their A1 language at an A2 level and not have to study any language at quite the same level as is required from the present A1 course. Doing the new course with Language A Literature & Language is similar to the old A2. Can you elaborate on this bilingual diploma please? I am getting a bilingual diploma through Canada's education system, but I didn't know IB recognized or discerned anything regarding the
  13. That sounds really cool! Any chance I could read it? I've never heard of students using such modern tunes, and DnB is definitely an interesting genre
  14. Haha I'm the exact same. Many of my friends (locally, not IB) smoke weed. I go into hotboxed vehicles with them, pack bowls, bring some tasty cubans to make spliffs or blunts. But I've never touched marijuana in my life. They're really fun and I just enjoy taking care of them while they're high. I made them watch the Matrix once ahah The downside is many people I don't know so well think I'm a druggie. Oh well Holy crap that's identical to me. I have no problem with weed and will eventually try it, but not under my parents' roof. So long as they pay for my living I'll do them a favour and sta
  15. Leave it to IB to find a song no one has ever heard of I loved the jazz song haha. I put it as 1940-1955... funk Anyways, I personally chose Magnificat as with the partition it was much easier to decompose. And yes, the latin and use of religious terms such as Deo, Spiritus and one other I forgot placed it 1500-1650
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