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  1. You can definitely get scholarships if you are a strong candidate. I am not a U.S. citizen and I got financial aid from every college I applied to in the U.S. ranging from $25,000/year to $45,000/year. And most schools were pretty good (I chose Wellesley but I had offers from Pomona, Wesleyan and other liberal arts colleges). Big schools usually have more resources but yes, things are pretty tough as an international. The process is that they basically "accept" all candidates they want, regardless of financial need, then they rank them and give offers to as many as they can until they run out
  2. I got a 7 in history HL and I'm so psyched!!! The rest of my grades are in my signature, 42 overall and I had an unconditional offer from Wellesley college
  3. Avi Sagild (22 February 1933 – 19 September 1995) was a Danish film actress. She appeared in 21 films between 1958 and 1993.
  4. First of all, chill. You did all that there is to be done. In the worst case, you will miss a year. Many students choose to skip a year, it may actually prove very benefitial and get you into an even better college. But again, the examiner might have been extremely strict and your mark will be raised. So, relax and think rationally before jumping off a bridge
  5. I live in Greece, I don't know where to start from
  6. -English A instead of Modern Greek -Changed my schedule too many times
  7. It really depends on the country we are talking about. For example in Greece private education is FAR better than state (like, no comparison), while in Germany as far as I'm aware there are no private schools and the level in public ones is terrific
  8. Well, I actually faced that dilemma last weekend, when I was sitting the SAT. Two girls sitting next to me, right at the back of the class were practically coping everything of each other! The one was just sitting idly and then copied every answer from the other, I was really annoyed as you can imagine, because the rest of us were working on our own. I was ready either to b*tch slap them both or to tell, but I let it slide... Still not sure if it was the right call.
  9. The next year will pass incredibly fast, so... brace yourself.
  10. In fact, I think weed is better than alcohol. If it came down to choose one to abuse, I'd go for weed. http://www.hailmaryjane.com/12-practical-reasons-to-choose-marijuana-over-alcohol/ -- here are some reasons that I feel too lazy to retype
  11. Fani


    Thanks very much for chancing me! How can I improve my chances for Williams? How can I display more intellect?
  12. I'm volunteering in Cameroon and then going to Ivy Scholars program at Yale
  13. Fani


    Background Status: European Female Country: Greece (+German citizenship) School Type: Private I'm an IB1 student, so I only estimate my predicted scores Academics: Scores: SAT I: took it once and got M610CR700W660 but I'm retaking it two more times so it will be around M700-I'm really studying math this time-CR720W730 SAT II: German 800, Literature 650 and I'm also taking Biology and US history GPA: 3.82 Rank: Top 10% Senior year course schedule and predicted grades: Modern Greek A1 HL - 7 German B HL - 7 History HL - 6 Math Studies - 7 Biology - 7 Philosophy - 7 Extracurriculars: 1. Attended
  14. History for undergrad studies and then Politics or Journalism So HL: History, Modern Greek and German
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