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  1. It doesn't seem very mathematical. Even if you are certain your data was collected correctly, there's little mathematical content in pointing out the correlation and possible deviations. I would suggest doing an essay that requires direct computation or derivation, rather than simply collecting data.
  2. You don't have to be original with your research in the sense than nobody has ever done it before, but it helps if you carry out the math on your own. My Extended Essay only had four sources, and I probably could have omitted them because they served little use.
  3. MAY 2012 ENGLISH A1 HL 5 MAY 2012 JAPANESE B SL 4 MAY 2011 BUS.& MAN. SL in ENGLISH 6 MAY 2012 HIST.EUROPE/ME HL in ENGLISH 6 MAY 2011 PHYSICS SL in ENGLISH 4 MAY 2012 MATHEMATICS EE in ENGLISH A MAY 2012 MATHEMATICS HL in ENGLISH 6 MAY 2012 THEORY KNOWL. TK in ENGLISH A I pride myself on math, and while I'm a tad disappointed that I didn't get a 7, it's okay because my school tends to do terribly at HL Math. I had to study quite a bit on my own, and I still get t
  4. I loved every second of HL math. I truly believe many of the people at my school who were unable to take HL math due to lack of preparation or the rigid class structure are missing out on something ten times more fun than any Dostoyevsky novel or Totalitarian state. One day I will lead a glorious mathematical revolution at my school and Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 will tremble at the might of my series and differential equations! Sorry, I tend to get riled up about this. I'm going to go study for the AP statistics exam.
  5. I thought the exam went beautifully. The problems were straightforward unlike the previous year when you had to somehow magically think up a substitution from x->1/n. I wasn't expecting a question on epsilon-N, so I know I screwed up the algebra. However, I think this is the only part I believe I missed. The final question on the integral test was simple because that must have been the millionth time I've seen that exact same question on Paper 3. If k=1, the integral test fails because we are dividing the integral by -k+1. You can rewrite the sum(u_n - L) as sum(u_n) - sum(L). Since L is
  6. I liked the question on the methane molecule. I checked with a chemistry teacher and I was pleased that I calculated the correct bonding angle.
  7. It's easy to do this by just counting the different permutations, but how can I do this explicitly/algebraically? I'm not sure what else you want me to explain. I believe my method is deductive and doesn't require listing every permutation.
  8. Know how to use mathematical induction, particularly with matricies and trig functions. Even if you can't complete the problem, you should at least be able to net a few points showing P(1) is true. When concluding the proof memorize the statement "P(k+1) is true if P(k) is true, and since P(1) is true, by mathematical induction P(n) is true for all positive integers (or whatever you are asked to prove a statement for)." For polynomials and remainders, look up synthetic division. It's a very fast algorithm that speeds up dividing a polynomial by a root.
  9. I'm curious about this because I absolutely hate writing in pen. I heard part of the reason we use pen is so that our writing will show up when the exams are scanned to examiners, but my handwriting tends to be pretty dark with a pencil and shouldn't have a problem showing up on a scanner. This rule is about as arbitrary as the cursive statement on the SAT. In fact, I got away without writing that dumb statement in cursive.
  10. HL Portfolios are even more fun. It's a shame the Math IA in 2014 will become more open-ended and applications-based.
  11. I see people talking about doing past papers but where can I get hold of them? Knowing where to get the correction or answers would also be very helpful. If you're really desperate for more material, past exams are for sale on the IB website (along with cool backpacks, pens, and polo shirts with the IB logo on them). They don't cost very much. It's around $2.50 for each exam. However, I would only recommend buying exams if you truly are dedicated to HL Math.
  12. Is the data booklet that says "First Examinations in 2006" current? Or is there a newer version with different reference formulas for the exam?
  13. If you take the limit of the quotient of two series as n approaches infinity, and the limit is finite and positive, then both series either converge or diverge.
  14. I wrote mine on this topic, in addition to complex trig and factorial functions. The word count does not matter that much for a math essay; it says so in the guide, I believe.
  15. It's my understanding that "we" is perfectly acceptable.
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