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  1. HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know where but planning to go somewhere with the rest of my Ib mates. Best thing is the IB finishes before the rest of school! So holidays will be cheaper
  2. why don't you just carry on helping people out? you don't have to check it regularly. Just every now and then to help others with their IB
  3. I really like Arsenal i think the just need 1/2 new defenders and a new Centre Mid. Basically they need Scott Parker!
  4. Yeah arsenal have a nice style of play. Sadly they haven't won much recently.
  5. There is a football debating one already that seems to focus mainly on Spanish football which is brilliant and I thought why not create one predominately for English football. Premiership down to whatever league you want Conference North, South and beyond. Fire away. I will start us off. What are people's views on the managerial sackings at the moment? And the appointments of Allardyce at West Ham and Steve McClaren at Nottingham Forest? ...
  6. Yeah but why does that make a difference? I don't understand your point that they've played together for longer. It is a good thing. Real have bought a team that don't work together. Shows that money doesn't buy you wins. I don't understand why you are using the fact that they have played together for ages as a bad aspect.
  7. it doesn't matter how long they have played together for? They are still better!
  8. Spot on. Crazy Real supporters
  9. Their defenders are better passers of the ball than many attacking players in big clubs. Pique has probably got better distribution than Rooney.
  10. I don't believe it is anti football. because their attacking football is so fluent. It is merely a patient build up.
  11. It's tactics. The difference between Barca's defense and other teams is that they are good enough to get the ball down and play passing football. It's clever.
  12. I agree Wenger should get sacked. He has one plan for Arsenal and when that doesn't work he has no other option. Yes, he has been a hugely successful manager and will always be remembered as a great for arsenal. And as for Barca what is wrong with keeping possession? Outplaying the team. It's effective.
  13. At my school we do but a huge amount less than people doing A Levels (more popular in England.) It seems a bit unfair but there are only 30 of us instead of 150 A Level students.
  14. They are good to watch and get results. I watch west ham every week play good football and lose. Barca get results.
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