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  1. I have some particular grammar ocd. im totally fine if sumone talks lik this on fb or skype or watevr im nt ttly fyn @ all if dey strt toking lyk dis (lyk meh lil bro ^AND LEAVING OUT THE SECOND PARENTHESIS... I hate when people TRY to use proper grammar, but they make mistakes. For example: My chalkboard needs repair because it's holes are from the 1960's, but at the repair shop, their always busy! Those little apostrophe mistakes are like ughh..especially when the writer is actually trying to pose like he is grammatically correct. And their/they're/there/you're/your/etc. = CRINGE. I don't m
  2. Dominance. lol, how horrible of me to say that..... Seriously like if you're assertive and witty, those are like the keys to my heart lol. Not too much arrogance though. You have to be a particular kind of guy with enough of a solid, intellectual reputation to justify acting like an ass haha. Nicknames are also cute as long as they're not horribly corny or annoying. smirks too
  3. This is actually a pretty common misconception. Mac has, in the past, experienced some rough compatibility issues vs a windows-based OS. However, many programs for PC are also available for Mac...MIcrosoft Office being one of them. So, it's not any more difficult (and I would argue even easier with OS X lol) to access such files. WIth an exponentially growing market for Apple computers, in the past few years, even more programs are beginning to access compatibility with this operating system. Some of my favorite programs are intended only for Mac as well (and windows has tried but failed to ma
  4. Once you go Mac, you never go back. MY FAMily owns at least one of every product Apple has ever made. Well, from about 10 years back at least... I love my Mac with my life and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It's worth every penny!
  5. I'm proud of myself for finally tanning my skin to a desirable shade. I spent like 2 hours by the pool in Texas heat...and survived.
  6. LOl, this discussion has strayed a bit ridiculously! I believe that cheating is wrong. OK so yeah cheating is wrong..morally wrong..now that that's established, we can move on....right?? Lying, cheating, and being gay! all...wrong... Just take care of yourself and don't worry about others' routes to "success". In the scheme of things, if that cheater "took your spot" in university, you should've been better. It's that simple...you should have been better because had you been better, he would have taken another student's spot. Pity the cheater who may not be as prepared as his scores demonst
  7. I actually reckon the opposite. Youtube has a lot of uses: watching interesting lectures; news available easily; highlights from TV programmes that would otherwise take days to plough through; and the exchange of culture that arises when all the world produces media together. If you would procrastinate, you would most likely learn something. That is not the case with Facebook. If you've got friends on Facebook, there will always be someone who you know can help you with school stuff. It can be better for someone who wants to ask questions and has doubts about something. You cannot search on Y
  8. There were originally close to 70 who signed up, but that was back in January. Now there are 50 enrolled IB students at my school...
  9. I got my schedule today! Everything as planned -- except a switch of a non-IB class. It's starting to feel like school begins in a few days rather than a few weeks.
  10. Mauler Scholars...lol Academic Epidemic This walk is prob long over anyway.
  11. I wish my school offered Philosophy! We only have it in AP (I believe) but not IB. It sounds really interesting. Less than a month till IB starts for me! Our summer reading book is The Great Gatsby and I like it so far. What are y'all reading?
  12. I scored 18. I'm nowhere near autistic, lol...just little neurotic behaviors. Socially, I'm ok though. I've just read a book by Jodi Picoult called House Rules that is about a child who is charged for murder, and he has Asperger's with a focus on forensic science. It's a really interesting book and I highly recommend!
  13. My enrolled classes are in my signature and it seems like we have several in common as well! I'm not so nervous anymore, but I think the major point to remember is to stay focused and not procrastinate, which is really difficult for me! I'm planning on getting my act together though, and I've started working hard this summer for the first vacation ever....so hopefully that'll help. I'm also planning on keeping a strict schedule and limiting Skype time. My self-resistance isn't so strong .. lol ... so the plan is to stay organized and on track and rely on my iDevices to keep me there. Thank
  14. My thoughts are, your friend is successful.
  15. My iPad and accordion folder are my bffs.
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