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  1. uhm, vielleicht hilft es wenn du deine frage auf englisch stellst... Ich denk mal, dann wissen die Leute was du meinst und dir wird bestimmt jemand helfen. Nur so als tip
  2. Hey, so my question to all people out there who are interested in business (management) and economics: What are your career plans/goals? What do you want to become? I found this question interesting, because the "business world" in general is such a huge, vast field and hence is a very vague term...
  3. Hey guys, Okay, lately there has been this issue with posting too many facebook pictures online that has been bugging me since the past weeks and I need your opinions to get peace of mind. Do you know these people who always constantly update pictures every single day? They go out ONCE for a party and take 200 (minimum) useless, ridiculous, similar looking, lip-pouting pictures of themselves and their friends. At the beginning it was okay, but then I realized almost everyone is doing it and it has started to affect me :/ For example, i feel like I need to prove to others and "compete" with th
  4. oh, thanks for the tips. But my school kind of told us to buy only the casio fx-9860G version as the GDC... ( I don't know why). So borrowing would be out of the question. I will just use the manual and see what functions are smiliar thanks.
  5. Hey, I wanted to ask you whether the ti calculators book for ib maths is very similar to the casio ones in terms of buttons and functions ? I bought the OSC IB SL maths guide for TI calculators (as there was none for Casio ones..), but have no idea whether that makes any sense... is it of any use? THanks very much of you can respond asap you can - desperate IB student thank you!
  6. depends on which subject. Would LOVE to help, and noooo, please no money! --Oh, someone please delete my comment, I just realized this was for physics and I don't take no physics
  7. I have detected a pattern here. Everytime I would not study a difficult topic or thing thoroughly enough and I would hope that it would not come up, that would always be the things that comes up and is worth like 80% of the test. that's why for my IB exams, I am taking 0 risks and the hardest ones I feel will come up are Plants chapter on respiration and photosynthesis and some DNA replication. Others are worried that a lot of human physiology will come up, but i love it
  8. Maths studies definitely! Weirdly enough, only because it is ridiculously easy and after every class I really felt dumbed down. It took the teacher and the class 2 weeks to understand what a box plot is. (and i'm not sure if they still understand..)
  9. i don't think you can do anything about it anyway. If your friends also have around the same number of pages then i think it's ok ... Even if not the worst case scenario is that you'd have to redo it or something. still ... ... I'm sure you will be fine
  10. I have to do the oral presentation on gatsby (as an essay), but I am really not sure whether the question is good to do I planned to do it on wealth and money and how it influences the characters in a way ... but I find that this is blatantly obvious and has definitely been overdone! So do you think I should change it (I haveb't started writing it anyway but have good detailed general notes) and do something "easier" such as looking at the weather. Please give me some advice as to what kind of topic in general would be good to score HIGH marks!! I want to make sure there is plenty to analy
  11. here is what i posted before: [color=#474747][font=Arial,]How TO and how NOT to chose a knowledge issue:[/font][/color] [url="http://mrquale.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/TOK-Knowledge-Issues.pdf"]http://mrquale.com/w...edge-Issues.pdf[/url] the link is [url="http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/13822-tok-presentation-guide/page__p__143076#entry143076"]http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/13822-tok-presentation-guide/page__p__143076#entry143076[/url] hope it's useful, if not sorry
  12. Culcha Candela: Monsta Hamma enjoy
  13. I think you are the person who will know best, if you already put in a lot of effort in the original one, maybe try to put your energy and time to better use by tweaking it, adding and removing stuff using the mark scheme. But, if you think you can pull a whole 4000 word essay over the weekend or so (mind you, it takes a lot of effort, but it's not impossible) then go for it. I personally think, it depends on motivation ... how willing you are to do it. Uhm, our school sends it in march or so (or april) but we still cannot tweak it and we do not have the time ... If you really want it, just do
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