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  1. Do my undergrad in the USA at one of my preferable collges do my Graduate year at the Elliot school of international Affairs, Harvard or Yale and hopefully work within the UN hoping to be a diplomat!! And maybe compete in the olympics in 2016 if i make it.
  2. I can totally understand this post. In my school there are 600 students 37 are IB girls 7 IBboys and the rest are grade 8-12 doing Alevel and IGCSE. The contrats in work ethic is so obviuos that its ridiculous. For example we have 5 one hour lessons a day. IB students have maybe 3-5 free lessons a week depending on their HL subjects. In contrast the Alevel have 2-3 lessons free per day on average and spend it roaming around the school trying to stay out of trouble or in the sixth form centre doing nothing really constructive while we slave away in class. We chose IB so we can't compalin we too
  3. My IB cohorts are 2 IB students and 1 Alevel student. We've always been close but the IB and HL Maths late nigth group chats drew us together during IB1. We've had a whastapp group thats over 1 year old now where the Cohorting started. We have different interests and abilities but we support each other motivate each other definitely without them i would not be able to be where i am in the IB at the moment. We have so much fun being the only guys well there are 7 guys and 37 girls so we often have fun amongst ourselves and with them! Anyone doing IB has cohorts or else they won't survive fact o
  4. Hey it depends where you are applying, the better the university the more likely they will be able to support you. Good public and private universities would support you with need based financial aid which can see you paying next to nothing for your entire tenure. Or you can be offered merit based fanancial aid where as long as you do well they will support you. My advice research to which universities you'd most likely want to go to and take the SAT its crucial depending on where you apply ivy league Cal Tech Stanford usually require 2000-2100 on average. Go to www.collegeboard.com for more i
  5. Hahaha some funny comments....apprently its "something we africans got" or asians or arabs or....and so on and so on. I then end swag doesn;t help youo pass IB so don't pay too much attention to it or you'll fail then have zero swag HL Chemistry Biology Business studies SL Maths English French
  6. wow really i never would have guess kinda like gypsies in europe ?or not?.....ah i always thought koreans and chinese people never got on well ? here public school are pretty much useless so most people are in public school and lot of chines people have been coming here mostly ex convicts to work as mine technicians because our government has close dealings with china , and they mostly keep to themselves an live in their own community and don't interact much with people but people don't mind. but i do have a new chinese guy in my class amazing at maths !! he makes higher level stuff look like
  7. [quote name=Gee ' timestamp='1308683326' post='121653] Oh wow!I love this post. Okay,well,I live in Southern Africa And from my experience I would say racism is around us everywhere(here) however,it is very subtle. You are SPOT ON about the friendships here.(I'm black) and all the white people (zimbaweans or south africans) are perfectly fine with being friends with black people.But they never date across the race lines. The only people I've met who were open to dating other races were either minority races (mainly asians) or they were white,from european countries. I think the effects of
  8. wow thats really cool because i see sort of the same thing going on here in Zimbabwe and neighboring South Africa...when our economy crashed (in 2001 and maintained this decline for about 9 years) most people immigrated leaving mostly black people(or brown i'm too lazy to type and it feels weird even for me) and the 4-5 generation white people and of course some Greeks ambassadors children and so on...and after our independence in 1980 the has been alot of tolerance until 2001 when everything went down and the government decided to reposes 80% of farms owed by white people it was mostly the po
  9. wow that interesting i no nothing about south america besides football, i've seen something interesting on how the more upper class people tend to be less tolerant thanks, south america sounds chilled was it ever colonized ?
  10. just out of curiosity and i need a few perspectives for TOK how is racism treated in your country and continent ? i just want your opinion no judging just want to see what people think and say and this is racism to all races....i'm from Africa so its pretty much out there because of colonialism and people (mostly non africans/black) are careful about what they say...and in other places like asia i heard its different please share what you think
  11. they may have been denied by science but they have not been disproved have they? until then science can rule out nothing...and if you want to know why the world is such a bad place and God lets this happen despite being compassionate and merciful read Habakkuk its a short book 3 pages long just for fun reading no bible bashing and tell me what you think Habakkuk shouts at God in anger on why the world is so damn bad and in chaos and filled with evil God answers him more than once because he keeps complaining. tell me what you think if you do read it.
  12. I wonder if you think about what you type before hitting that "Add Reply" button. ....i won't even say anything.......not worth it.
  13. Geelong grammer ? do you know andrew Mcquillan i went to school with him when he still lived in Zimbabwe now he goes there grade 11 !!
  14. You know the aim of science isn't about proving the nonexistence of something, right? Science doesn't allow for proving the nonexistence of anything. "Taunting" the fact that science can't disprove God's potential existence is showing a lack of understanding for what science is. Using either the words "prove" or "disprove" in a discussion about God shows a lack of understanding for what God is. lack of understnding for wht God is then elaborate so i may have a "greater" understanding i think you red what i said in the wrong context.......i believe in God.....science is about certainty even th
  15. read the whole of Habbakuk.....he shouts at God saying why is the world the wy it is and why does he have to witness it and God answers him its only 5 pages long the entire book, its for interesting reading not bible bashing
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