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  1. About 2 weeks before my first exam, I think. Or something like that. My univ exams are in a week and I haven't started... in fact, I'm not even close to finishing all my assignments. 4 more to do, oh funnn You have quite a while left. Study hard, study efficiently, and you'll be fine
  2. Oh haha, in that case, no I don't drink. No idea what that makes me in terms of your HL/SL/Studies ranking...
  3. Were you tipsy when you made the poll? Because I don't get it... If you drink, you drink. Wtf does this have to do with HL or SL haha :X
  4. Most threads about VIP are made by those who want to quickly reach VIP status so they have access to files... which is understandable, however, you also need to understand that this site is not a 'grab-and-go' downloading site but also an online community. The opinions and interactions of members are just as valuable - if not sometimes more valuable - than the files collected over the years. And not everything is recorded in pdf files. Some of the best advice, you can only get through personal interaction. Your suggestion is a good one but I think the current system already filters out the 'va
  5. ^^^ Clement. You need good ECs for Health Sci as admission is mostly based on the supplementary app. The cutoff average is 90% to be considered.
  6. Bad grades... hmm, that's happened a few times, including all my failed math tests. (Failed as in 3/4, I think ; really hate trig). Sooooo I deal with bad grades by distracting myself with something else more interesting. Or just mentally suppressing it and moving on to something else that needs to be done/studied for. Long showers and naps are helpful too (for me, at least). Or if all else fails, you can just cry it out like most people did after Math HL P1 TZ1/P2 TZ2.
  7. I've used Dreamweaver maybe once or twice. Got pissed off after a few minutes coz it wouldn't do what I wanted it to do, so I did it by hand instead. Dreamweaver is miles better than Frontpage which creates really really messy coding, so I wouldn't suggest it. Even Dreamweaver doesn't create the shortest, quickest coding, but it's good enough. As for using notepad, when I code, I know exactly what I want and I didn't need to look up stuff unless it was some new specification that I wanted to implement/test out. So no, I found notepad easier during the coding process, and also easier during deb
  8. Me me me!!! I mainly specialized in CSS though, with CS2/PSP on the side and a bit of Flash. Code by hand using notepad!! The code is more streamlined and nicer. Frontpage and Dreamweaver eventually make things really messy. Anddd not to mention the learning curve is about the same. Edit: I also haven't touched coding since IB started so I'm rusty as hell.
  9. I also see a link. Edit: however, I can see my
  10. I've been from China to... Canada, back to... China, then back to... Canada, then back to China then back to... Canada again. I think we stopped by Tokyo for a transfer flight, so I've been to Japan!!!! Never been to the States though, as amazing as that sounds.
  11. Just say "what are we doing tomorrow?". It's a normal question for curious students. No idea what your teachers are like but I don't think mine cared if we skipped, haha. As long as you're respectful of them and don't act like they're totally useless... even if they are!! And your teacher should notify you ahead of time for lab days. Towards the end of the year, you can skip more. I wouldn't suggest skipping right at the beginning.
  12. I had over a hundred absences (probably more, I think the teachers forgot I wasn't present for some classes... never got phone calls home ) and my grades weren't affected at all. Get a buddy to update you on what happened in class, and vice versa for classes your friend wants to skip. Some classes are a total waste of time. Edit: after reading Alice's post, I realize I skipped "useful" classes too... like math. Still, some notes can be caught up easily. And make sure you know what's going on in class so you know when to skip.
  13. Actually, it's pretty much generally accepted that IB FM > A FM > IB HL > A Maths > IB SL. Sure, A levels going into more "depth", but exams are also split into modules which can be easily retaken. My friend retook certain modules for Econ and FM and ended up with AAA, even though he said he slacked for the two years (he's also ridiculously naturally intelligent, so this doesn't say much...) Bottom line is, both systems are different and there is no "harder" system. Imo, I think if your goal is to get into univ, take A levels. If you want a challenge, take IB. Don't forget to take
  14. Funny how this differs between schools. Our school usually consists of solely 7s with some 6s for Math SL. The year before IB, everyone takes an extra math course because "there isn't enough time in IB to teach everything", so this could make all the difference maybe. Edit: GCSEs might explain why I found English to be WTF. Prior to IB, I wrote maybe... one commentary? (year end exam) and I had no idea what I was doing. (I also got a 73 or something on that, tehee )
  15. Well, Chem HL and SL has bits and pieces of calculations, so if you're taking Math HL, you might prefer 'winging' this versus memorizing for Bio. I don't think Bio SL is hard though... some stuff you can make up (data response) and they give you marks. Of course, it's hit and miss so you might lose marks too. I dunno; given your course load, more memorization is probably not a good idea.
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