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  1. Anyone know any good sources for historiographical summaries? It's very time consuming to look through books for them (I'm sure you all know how little time we have in the IB). Cheers
  2. Hey guys, just wondering how you guys take your notes I do mine electronically, but not in very organised fashion and I end up summarising them on paper since I tend to remember it better. Also here's a really good tip I think that many people don't use, have a separate logbook for your studies, so print out the study and staple it to one page and on the other page do your Aim, Method, Procedure, Results, Conclusion (we call it all mobile phones ring constantly haha). Still haven't really found the best method yet but still experimenting. What about you? And how's it working out?
  3. Most of the physics kids say that if you're good at maths it's very straightforward but could be difficult otherwise. I know the kids that do HL Maths and SL Physics like sleep in class and still get 7's (although I think that's probably an exaggeration and I don't recommend it). If it's not too late, if physics isn't a pre-req for anything you want to do, SL Bio is apparently very easy and not looked down upon by unis. Good Luck!
  4. Not gonna lie, they are all pretty terrible. However, the first one does have some potential though if you'd like to talk about World War I. Something like "how did the advancement of technology in the First World War affect the development of warfare", there you can talk about trench warfare with machine guns, artillery and also about submarines and things like that. Remember you have only 2k words to play around with and in reality only about 1200 words of writing about the topic. Be very careful when choosing a topic because it needs to be something specific. It is also a good idea to pick
  5. I reckon it's a bit broad, remember you only have 2000 words and around 1200 to actually write it (less if you use the Harvard method of referencing in the US). But if you think you can manage then go for it.
  6. Art is a beautiful subject but I had to drop out after a month to do history as I'm going to do law. It really is a fantastic subject for your personal development, but highly unpractical for entry into premier universities as it is difficult to score highly and also it is not a prerequisite or a 'preferred subject (for law, lit, classics etc.)' Seriously tho if you are a good artist, pursue your passions man
  7. I also have that book and surprisingly it is actually a good read and doesn't feel 'textbooky'. Recommended
  8. The best English students at my school got B last year, and their stuff gets published in lit journals, so I'd think hard about it, you really have to be quite exceptional.
  9. ITGS is a massive bludge, while Economics is an interesting and well recognised by universities but requires work. Depends on whether you want the easy way out and what uni's you plan to apply to.
  10. I have to say that this is absolutely crazy and probably a terrible idea. Teachers are there to motivate and provide help, which in IB you will most definitely need. Maths HL is pretty intense as well, I did a semester of it before dropping to studies as I didn't need maths and there might've been a slight difference in difficulty. Seriously unless you are in the top percentile for those subjects I would not attempt it, IB is a long long grind and it'll be that much harder without a teacher. If you're doing it, good luck but better to stick the school subjects/convince them to run your subject
  11. Not so much luck, more like 30 grand a year but yes he is amazing. As to the OP I don't think you can go wrong with either but I'd say most people would consider Psychology a very interesting subject. My other humanities is History and that is pretty boring compared psych.
  12. I can't say what Arrowhead said is necessarily true of all schools. Last year, over 50% of the year 12 psychology class got 7's in the new syllabus and no one got below a 6, it was the most successful IB subject at my school. Having said that my psych teacher is absolutely amazing and I can imagine it could be difficult without him. Personally I find psychology to be one of the most interesting subjects in the IB and apart from English probably my favourite. There is a lot of writing and a lot of memorising studies and theories but it is interesting and relevant to our lives. At only a 65% 7,
  13. Repped. But still damn it I do HL, and in the past it changed like 5% between them didn't it?
  14. Yes but bear in mind it is extremely difficult to do well in an English essay since the criteria make it hard to get a good mark, it lends itself much better to a research paper rather than an English one. English EE's are a lot more subjective, which means marking will be similarly subjective, I don't recommend you writing one especially if it is not your first language.
  15. Can some people from the Northern Hemisphere shed some light on the grade boundaries for the new syllabus, previously it was around 67% for a 7, not sure if they have changed much since the course was changed. Cheers
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