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  1. I think the curriculum may have changed a little bit.
  2. It is a free trade area because they are signing a free trade agreement. A preferential trade area reduces tariffs and protectionism, but does not eliminate it, and so is not completely free trade.
  3. I don't think you have to fulfill every learning outcome for each activity. I think as long as you have them all covered in your portfolio as whole, you're fine.
  4. I need to connect the knowledge issue of methods of justification in mathematics to my own experience as a learner in my TOK essay. Only problem is that I don't really justify that many mathematical claims in my everyday life... Please help! I don't want to lose all those points under criterion B?
  5. I think I would phrase it somewhat differently, though I don't know whether or not it is required for you to do so. Mine/Ours was stated more like a general question like "To what extent can the claim that violence in video games provokes socially unacceptable behavior in teenagers be justified?", and then introduced the WOKs in the introduction or as I (we) went along. We evaluated the question using WOKS, talked about how different perspectives on may be influenced by perception and emotion, and drew linked it to areas of knowledge. But one important thing to include is a solid real life sit
  6. Regarding whether you need practise, I think the presentation is assess on the content only, not how you present it. And the time required to construct a good presentation is very individual, however it is perfectly possible to do it much less than three weeks. It all depends on how you plan your time, how you prioritize and most importantly: your efficiency when you do work.
  7. The TOK presentation is coming up. I want to talk about how violence in movies and/or video games affect teenagers (RLS a recent massacre in my home country) However, I don't know how to formulate a knowledge issue. Anybody that can think of a solid KI or lead me in the direction of finding one myself?
  8. Which commentary is one which section?
  9. Banned because using this threas to have a conversation in disguise
  10. The REAL predicted grades are given out a couple of months before your exams. IBO states that these grades must be based on "based on all the evidence of a candidate’s work and the teacher’s knowledge of IB standards". In other words, you will not get a predicted grade of seven if come exame time you still haven't received much more than fives on you mock and mini mock exams. However, for students applying to for instance UK, America, etc, there are given "unofficial" predicted grades, as some schools request these long before any official grades are put. The grading then varies from school to
  11. If you're using geogebra 4 you should mark the list of your coordinates and use Two Variable Regression with a 2'' polynomial.
  12. Does anybody know a good way to conclude your work? I don't really know how to put it...
  13. I think this is the easiest way: 1. Find the pattern in the difference between the NUMERATOR and the DENOMINATOR for ALL the elements listed. 2. You should see a pattern when you've made a table of the differences. Find a simple formula for the difference. 3. The general statement can be constructed this way (formula for numerator) divided by (formula for numerator MINUS formula for difference between numerator and denominator) These are quite detailed steps. We can't give you the entire solution, so you've got to TRY your the numbers you've been given. Look for patterns and do small twists to
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