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  1. Chewing gum... (I just love it) Study or sleep?
  2. For me, no sex until I got married.
  3. Ya.. I thinks its a good choice to take Chemistry. At least you know where is your ability and interest. I also agree that physic its quite hard (plus that it is HL) rather than chemistry. You'll enjoy chemistry. Don't worry..
  4. avrila

    Maths Textbooks

    I think for Math, what you need is a lot of exercise. Just do them consistently and familiarize your self with IB Math questions. "Mathematics Higher Level for the IB Diploma". When I learn Math last time, I found out that this book is quite useful for reference. If you do not know which one, take a look at this link :http://www.oup.com/oxed/international/ibdiploma/maths/ Besides that you can also try to answer past years paper. And set the time too. You should know which question require full use of GDC especially question on paper 2. I still remember my teacher said that paper 2 is actually
  5. Again. They did this in M06. Seriously if they are going to make 2 exams the same time, at least choose those that is a weird combination to reduce the number of people having a clash. They should learn.. there is a pattern. EngA1 and Maths P1 and P2 is usually first. History is usually early and P1 and P2 in the same day. French is always last. NOt just May06.. this happen in May 09 too... I think, the IB like it that way..
  6. I agree with Ashika... I think you should take Biology HL. It's good so that you can learn the basic of medicine at least. Many knowledge related to medicine is taught in Biology. For example, you'll learn about cell,nerve, human physiology and a lot more... At least if you have learn it during IB, you will not have problem when learning medicine in the future.. I also planning to take medicine in the future and I took Bio, Chem and Math for my HL. I got to know from my shoolmates who applied for Cambridge that the university required 7 in all HL subjects. I'm not sure if they specify what sub
  7. TZ2 P1: The question like "which want has the biggest amount...?" made me confused some how.. I was thinking of how can I standardize the unit. I wasn't really sure of my answer after all... Hope I got it right. P2: The questions are quite familiar this time. But I admit that I made a few careless mistake here and there. This time I noticed that there are lot of calculations that involve many values. (e.g the RMM for aspirin) and I have to flip through the data booklet several times to find the enthalpy change and stuffs.. Section B, I answered on organic Chemistry questions and ..(cant remem
  8. Was it a Geometric...? Really..? Hmm... it might be correct.. When doing the question, I understand why it is a binomial.. Now I started to confuse again.. and now I just thought if it could be Hypergeometric.. After all just wait for the result.. I really hope I did well in this paper because my P2 was horrible.
  9. The same thing here.. P2 TZ2 was really hard esp the section B questions.. I seriously think that 2 hours is not enough for this paper.... Plus that we have to draw a scaled graph on the graph paper... I never found any question like this in the past years... Its like the first time such question is asked.. and like everyone else, I just left out the 18 marks questions... I cant even make a start... I thought I am the only one who find it hard, but I'm not alone..Some of my friends even cry after the exam... A math genius in my school manage to answer the question (he is really good in math...
  10. Yeah same here, seems his security was pretty low and some low life decided to hack it =/ Yeah... my Website has been hacked recently (it happened a few times already)... I've contact my web hosting to restore it back... Hope it will be ok soon...
  11. I did on Stats and Probability... Luckily I manage to answer all the questions... (though they may not be all right) For the Chi Squared test, since it is exponential distribution, I used integration to find the probability...than only I find the expected frequency. Hopefully it is correct.. And as for the last question, I deduced it as Binomial Distribution. I wanted to chose geometric at first but since it has the value n, I decided to take binom instead. Some of my friends also confused either it is binom or geometric...
  12. avrila


    I will apply for Czech Republic... Palacky University in Olomouc (the entrance exam for this year will be in the 2nd of May) It's a 6 years course and we have to learn Czech Language along the course I think the language part made me chose Czech...
  13. Can some one please explain this: Explain photophosphorylation in terms of chemiosmosis. Mark scheme Answer: electron transport causes proton/hydrogen ion pumping; protons inside thylakoids; accumulation of protons / H+ / drop in pH; protons leave through proton channel (to stroma); ATP synthetase / enzyme catalyses phosphorylation of ADP; I usually come across this question and always find it hard to understand it. Can you please explain about it. The answer scheme provided doesn't really help me. Thanks in advance.
  14. Yeap... Membership is free. For the case study, you have to familiarize with the problems and try to answer any expected questions that might be asked. The questions should be answered by referring primarily to the information derived from the case study, as well as by referring to your own knowledge. I guess, you should have your own set of questions for the case study. I see lots of them posted at the forum. Its good to share though.. =D
  15. My study leaves is about one week. Before that we will have one month of study group called IRP (Intensive Revision Programme). The IRP has been proven to increase student's performance all this while. Hope this can help me as well.
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