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  1. This probably has been done, many many times.
  2. Can you do HL Physics? It's not bad and not very different than SL. It has a nice curve.
  3. Like others have said, I don't think they'll ever get rid of the EE. It's one of the IB's major selling points.
  4. Stanford: Extremely High Reach UC Berkely: Low Reach Cornell: Reach UChicago: Reach Oregon State: Match Michagan: Match If you can get recruited, then (well, obviously), all those school are pretty much auto-admits.
  5. I don't think you can even get IA's re-moderated. (Please, someone with more knowledge chime in here.)
  6. ^ EECS at Berkeley is one of the hardest programs there. I hear it's extremely competitive but a very rewarding program. The advantage of doing EECS is that you can go into hardware or software after graduation. Most people in EECS, however, go into software. The CS program at Cal has more flexibility with electives. Also: for US schools, it probably doesn't matter what your subject combinations are.
  7. If you're doing aero, it's better to do mechanical/ee in your undergrad and then go to grad school for aero.
  8. This thread is a little depressing for us average folk, eh?
  9. I think sooner or later, the stress of IB gets to you. I think most people, however, deal with the stress in a healthy way; some may get a little moody, some may vent their frustrations onto others, while others may laugh with their friends as to why they ever choose to take IB. There are others - perhaps those who let it all bottle up, or those who try to bite more than they chew - who 'breakdown'. This happened during 'hell week' - (that time period in your senior year (IB2) when EVERYTHING is thrown at you - you have to complete your EE draft, you have to finish numerous IAs, you have
  10. U do your undergrad first, so it's actually smarter to do ALL HL's (so you know all the material).
  11. Also, don't be an Asian applicant from an overrepresented country like India or Canada.
  12. First, use the definition of the derivative to get an expression. (Use the definition for h-->0.) You can then represent this geometrically. In other words, you are finding the difference of the areas between a circle with radius (r+h) and a circle with radius r. As h approaches 0, it gets infinitely close to r. So, in other words, the difference between the areas of a circle with radius (r+h) and r is simply the circumference, or 2r(pi).
  13. ^well, most teachers don't really stick entirely to this rule. And I'm pretty sure they can look at certain sections, just not the whole draft.
  14. ^I'm not sure if this is right since I havent done math in a long time. C'(x) = 1 - (10000/x2) (Note 1/x = x-1) We wish to minimize the cost, so set C'(x) = 0 0 = 1 - (10000/x2) x=100
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