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  1. Hi Just wanna check. Does "Comparing the rice subsidy and the effects on the productivity level of the blue collar society in the urban and suburban resident in a residential area" sounds business or economics?
  2. the Q is like this "describe ur understanding of the term "COMPLICATIONS OF PERCEPTION"
  3. no, what i meant to say is, what is the meaning of the term complications of perception.
  4. Hi, just wanna ask, what is complication of perception
  5. Hi, just wanna ask, why does the graph of square root of 25 minus x-square didn't touch the x-axis, thus making it suspended? thank you for your time to answer this
  6. hi there, what is the theoretical value of RMM of amidosulphuric acid? thnkz
  7. try to google more about IB for your own understanding and also acknowledge the existence of syllabus. studied the syllabus in order to know what's you're up against
  8. what bran of IB text book that you recommend for me
  9. um, hi just wondering where can i find IB textbook e-book, which site? and which brand of book is the good one? By the way, i'm a first year IB student
  10. to mr kiwifruit did you ever learn history on how israel nation was formed? posting something like that really shows how little knowledge you have about this topic. next time try not to rely on only one source, try to gather as many resources before you sum up the conclusion. I really agree with Viivi. There are a lot of things that need to be settle in order to get this "happy ending". about the palestinians refugee, the status of jerusalam and not to mention that the Moslems and the Jews really have such an intense dislike against each other.
  11. Islamophobis only happen because the western people really have no idea of what is Islam really is. and to make things worst, the press kindda twist and turn the story to make people believe that this religion is really an extremist religion. The main thing here is the people who didn't know about islam really need to educate themselves with it because frankly, some of my western friends did some research about Islam and found out that Islam is really not what they thought before. Islam is not only a religion which stressed out high morality and itegrity but a way of life
  12. and how about the grading system. how does a teacher give us band 7 and so on?
  13. HI. I'm new to IB. in fact i didn't even start it yet. so, ca someone brief me what is TOK is all about?
  14. hi guys, i'm researching about asperger syndrome. can anyone brief me about this
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