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  1. Ive got my SL english on the 2nd of may, and im in singapore, so a long time before people in america and europe
  2. So you couldn't offer an example of a KI related to this topic How about I focus on media representation of the occupy movement , and furthermore example like Kony 2012 To what extent has the language conveyed by the media surrounding the occupy movement produced a fallacy in our knowledge ? So sandwich what do you think?
  3. How about , to what extent can a dichotomy between a plotuocratic society be justified? Or To what extent has the media misrepresented knowledge and provided propaganda in relation to the occupy movement?
  4. You may wish to pause a reflect and moment on a rather fundamental fact: is the subject you're taking called Theory of Knowledge or Let's Talk About Ethics? Unless you intend to give a presentation in the second subject, I strongly suggest you change your topic to one which relates to Theory of Knowledge, as you will doubtless be marked using the TOK criteria as opposed to the Let's Talk About Ethics criteria... You wouldn't give a presentation on electrical circuits in a Biology lesson or quadratic equations in an English lesson, so why would you give a presentation about ethics in a TOK less
  5. I have decided to primarily focus on the occupy movements around the world, personally relating it to Melbourne but focusing on the Wall Street protests. The ethics ill discuss are about violence on both sides, the controlling and handling of the situation.
  6. Ok so the topic my group and I have chosen is Capitalism, our focus is to determine the ethics and implications of the system, how it was created and brought to light ( global financial crisis) . The real life aspects we wish to consider are the occupy movements all over the world with relation to our country and it's implications and the ethical aspects of their involvement, being rioters, police and government officials trying to control the situation . Please engliten me with your opinions as I'm stuck a little bit on areas such as the knowledge issue
  7. Australian, more specifically scottish and english, but 6th gen aus
  8. Granted i do not know what the question will be, i was wondering if the community here could voice their opinion on the similarities and differences in these books. I have some already like how both were victims of love ( whether it be for longevity or in the moment). Gatsby died not because of his business but because of his affiliations and endearment to kindle his love with Daisy. Santiago died because the Vicario family believed he took Angela Vicarios virginity without being wedded to her, a crime punishable by death. SO yeah, help me please
  9. I am learning German Ab Initio and i reckon it would be extremely beneficial for me to become friends with some german speaking people, so that i may practice my german on them in a normal conversation. If you can help please message or post here with contact details
  10. I need to do a 1200 word essay on Some people believe that Mathematics is the supreme form of knowledge. Do you agree? So far im at 500 words, written about algebra being hard to prove/disprove, Godels theory of incompleteness and brought in a real life example. But these are all against it, i need help with more information about the topic and suggestions, can anyone help me?
  11. That has helped but i think i wanna go for Some people believe that Mathematics is the supreme form of knowledge. Do you agree? and try to impress my teacher and test myself, thoughts on this question?
  12. Questions: Some people believe that Mathematics is the supreme form of knowledge. Do you agree? How can our ways of knowing be an advantage or an obstacle for artists and mathematicians? Is knowledge in Ethics different to other areas of knowledge? Some people claim there are many other Ways of Knowing beyond reason, sense perception, language, and emotion. Considering intuition and one other possible way of knowing, to what extent do you agree with this claim? Which one would be the best to go for, granted i must include person experience, please give me ideas on which one to choose and why
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