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  1. Sorry I dont have time to look those particular courses up for you, but all the australian unis simply publish the IB score as well as the TER/ENTER/local high school certificate score (every state has a different name for it) for the course as it was in the last intake. So if you do a little bit of browsing on all the sites you can find these scores to help you.
  2. HL Physics - 6 HL Economics - 6 HL English - 5 SL Spanish Ab Initio - 5 SL Maths - 5 SL Chemistry - 5 Bonus Marks - 1 Total - 33 Uni Course Applied for - Aerospace Enigneering Double Degree with BSc. - '09 Entry = 31 Overall Reasonably happy considering i didnt put in anywhere near the effort i should have (probs could have got 40+ if i was organised, studied/did work etc). The only marks I am unhappy with is Chemistry (was a predicted high 6 or 7 and dropped to a 5 , I am considering really beefing up on chem and retaking in may as im taking a gap year anyway, but going to wait for uni offer
  3. Heres a couple more, made a little after christmas, hope you enjoy them and good luck to all the 2010 cohort as it is now officially over for me with my results coming out a couple of days ago Social Lives Nocturnal
  4. Well its been awhile but here we go a new comic and a half for everyone to enjoy, I have now finished my exams and hoepfully will be releasing more as time goes on, all feedback is appreciated, either here, comments on the site, or an email. Thanks Slack
  5. Fixed, cheers for pointing that out. I seem to have to have got into the habit of doing these late at night in front of the tv after study and not really concentrating - I probably should start proofreading them before uploading.
  6. Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate the feedback. Sorry about the inconstancy lately - coming up towards final N09 exams for me so haven't had my mind set on the comics entirely. for anyway who has forgotten or not visited the full site the address is: http://www.impossiblebs.com anyway heres the latest (and iv changed the font on the text (hopefully its a bit easier to read now) Police State
  7. I would like to again apologise for the week and a half without any new comics and to make up for this i have just released 5 new ones today. here is my personal favourite out of the 5 new ones, check the site to see the rest. Time Limits
  8. sorry about the lack of new comics guys, I have been away and have a case of the flu atm so can't draw atm, but to make up for the time without any i'll release a bumper crop on Thursday hopefully to keep you all entertained
  9. I imagine I will probably do about about another 20 or so, thats a little more than the 2 a week for the rest of my time in IB. And i figure i will stop shortly after that as most of my ideas come from standing around with my mates (fellow IB and non IB) and our discussions, or just things that happen to me/my observations of whats happening. So i figure that once i have completed i will run out of inspiration, but we will see how we go i guess.
  10. No comic today, but instead i offer something that is potentially better I have just launched the Impossible BS webstore. I am selling a bunch of T-Shirts and prints and offer worldwide shipping. Purchasing is offered securely through PayPal. check it out at: http://www.impossiblebs.com/store.php
  11. cheers for the feedback Aboo, a couple of those ones you mentioned arnt my favorite either. I'm in the process of considering a webstore for the site, if there is any pro/anti/funny ib stuff you would like to see/own on a shirt or anything let me know and i might include it. now to todays comic, number 45: Miracle feedback and comments are always appreciated (positive or negative), here or on the site give it a rating and leave a message.
  12. well here is a second bump in a single night :0 I have updated the comments system on the site so now you can comment and give a rating to the comics. Also don't forget to leave your country and location behind. I appreciate all feedback and take it into mind for the future comics, so please share your opinions. Also feel free to comment here, I'm starting to feel like im talking to myself here . I check back at least twice a week (when posting new comics) so will be able to answer any questions.
  13. Thursday again , the weeks go so fast don't they? - here's today's comic for you all to enjoy. Feedback is always really appreciated - i make these for you guys and love to hear your reactions and ideas for future ones, keep them coming. to see the entire back catalog and the rest of the site: http://www.impossiblebs.com Perspective
  14. Well its sunday again so here is todays comic. to see the entire back catalog and leave comments etc: http://www.impossiblebs.com Relationships Comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated.
  15. Iv structured the site like most webcomics with a simple archive page, theres's now 42 of them so a separate page makes it easier (might even make it 2 pages of archives soon). I was just mucking around one day about a 2 months ago now and started making them, it all went from there (as you can probably tell it coincided with the end of my extended essay if you read the early ones). And I draw them in Adobe Fireworks with the webpages being made in Adobe Dreamweaver. I use my Graphire Wacom Tablet to draw the comics themselves. And now its thursday so time for todays comic. I'm in the middle o
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