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  1. My supervisor told me that marking all the criteria she thinks I´ve got a 29 or a 30 which is the borderline between an A and a B. My EE is in maths but I don´t know how can the grade predicted by my supervisor influence the final grade.
  2. I watched Cube trilogy of films after looking for films with references to mathematics, i got intrigued by the idea of higher dimensional geometry and I continued investigating without no settled purpose.
  3. Glad you said that, I was trying to tell her the same during half an hour without success.
  4. Hi, i´m doing my Extended Essay on regular convex polytopes, exactly trying to find a function that gives the number of faces of them in terms of their schafli numbers. The doubt I have is that my ib coordinator told us that you have to begin exposing an opposite point of view of what you want to say in your extended essay and then start to refute them. Although I could stablish a kind of debate between people that think is posible to generalize that function and people that think it isn´t, I think the topic of my EE should be finding that function, explaining the proccess and conclude showing
  5. on his beloved in-laws after
  6. hands after touching a poisonous
  7. First of all thanks for your response. The reason why I want to study Maths HL is beacause I want to study Maths at university and although the level that is required in the national Spanish baccalaureate is enough to follow classes at university it would be a great assets to have studied Maths HL so the objective would not be trying to get as much note in Math HL but trying to learn as much as possible considering that as I already get 7´s in the exam papers I´ve done in Maths SL, little I´ll be able to learn in the next 8 months. And it is not that I´m not going to see anymore my Maths SL te
  8. Hi everyone, I´m craving to do Maths HL and Physics SL in the Ib however my school does not offer those subjects. I´m starting IB 2 this month but I´ve heard until November the school does not sent any information about which subjects are their students going to be examined in May. I know some people in this forum self study subject from their IB curriculum, I would like to know how did they convinced their schools to being let self studying those subjects and which paper work had to be done(this is more owing to my ib coordinator being a newbie). Those who are wondering why someone would be s
  9. The subject is maths HL, I´ve already seen the sylabus for SL and my maths teacher is fond to help me, the "less offer than demand" thing is not a problem for him. I know it is probably one of the tougher courses of the IB but I think I am prepeared for the challenge. I am also wondering if Physics SL would be something doable but it is just a thought. Anyway, which paper should I start in thecase I want to self-study Maths HL? Should I start by talking with the IB cordinator? Where could I find some info about selfstudying IB subjets?
  10. My school does not offer one of the subjects I would like to take. They are not willing to offer it next year and the negotiations are stuck because there is "less demand than offer". Is there any way that I could teach myself the course and only use my school to do the exam of that subject? I´ve heard that with selfstudy language A students.I hope there is an option that I can use my school just as an examination centre for one subject.
  11. Group 1: Spanish A1 HL Group 2: English B HL/ Group 3: Philosophy HL/ Geography SL/ Economy SL Group 4: Chemistry SL/ Environmental Systems and Societies SL Group 5: Math SL Group 6: My school does not offer this group and so we have to choose between Geography, Economy or Chemistry or French and German ab initio. We are all obliged to learn Spanish and English in teh group 1 and 2. Philosophy is also compulsory if you want to have three HL subjects, and everybody is impossed to take Environm SS as anticipated students as it is a multidisciplinar subject which makes easier for the school to ma
  12. Thank you, Keel and Miha, your answers were very useful. I´m waiting for a response on the part of the IB. I hope that as you said, everything works out. I´ll let you know if IB responds, just in case there is anyone in the same situation.
  13. Hi, my school offers few IB subjects as my teachers say "this is a young school which is not prepared to offer Math HL". I would like to include Maths Hl in my curriculum, I have in my mind all the necessary changes to meet ALL the requirements to get the certificate. However, my tutor insists that it is impossible to offer Math Hl as the IB organization would not authorise my school as the process to get authorised is really hard. Which are the requirements so that an school could offer certain subjet? Does my school have to undergo an evaluation process or is it just reponsability of the stu
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