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  1. I did the pamphlet too! I don't study Health psychology, but I still studied a little about stress in the main psychology block (the effect of the cortisol hormone), and, like Pedro, talking about stress wasn't a problem for me either But I took a risk cause I wasn't sure what a pamphlet was! I assumed it was a brochure and crossed my fingers cause no other subject inspired me I was very lucky, it could have been something totally different ("risk takers", you know ) And for the personal response, what did you say and in what form? I'm always confused about that section B... I hope s
  2. Hello, I replicated Stroop's experiment and now I am asked to calculate "appropriate measures of central tendency and dispersion" for my two conditions/trials. The problem is that I really don't know which is appropriate for my experiment! The teacher gave us this page: http://easycalculation.com/statistics/statistics.php but there are so many! I did a repeated measures design and I am now with, for each participant, the time spent on a 1st task and the time spent on a 2nd task. The aim of the experiment is basically to see the difference between the two... Could somebody help me finding out
  3. Well I chose this one finally! The Stroop effect
  4. I perfectly know what I should do or not do (they keep repeating it in the course ) but my problem is really to find the study that I want to replicate... But thank you I'll go through the ones we studied in class even though I don't think there is anything that I want to replicate in those ^^
  5. Hello hello I don't think I have seen a post talking about the choice of the experiment to replicate for the IA! Choosing a topic, it's always my biggest problem... But anyway! Do you know of a useful website or something with ideas of cool, interesting, easy, and appropriate studies for the IA? And btw how did you chose your subject if you already had?? Thank you in advance
  6. Yes I read the Chemistry and Biology part, and it really doesn't give me any idea of what writing my EE about
  7. Hi I'm trying to find a good topic for my Extended essay, and I'm very bad when it comes to choose something for myself like that... And I don't want to have a subject that doesn't interest me because I chose it at the last minute ! So, I was thinking about doing it about Molecular Cooking, do you think it's a good idea (if you know it)? I don't know much about it but I'm interested in cooking and I think it can be related to Chemistry or Biology (the two subjects in which I'm thinking to do my EE) But now I wonder what question I can ask about it, do you have any idea ? I was thinking, mayb
  8. It is 500€ a year... I've also never taken courses in English The problem is that it's the only way for me to take Psychology, and it really interests me !
  9. I know many proverbs which are very different in the both languages, but I just have one in my mind right now: "L'habit ne fais pas le moine" Literaly: Clothes don't make the Monk Actually: Don't jugde a book by its cover ! (source: I'm a native French Speaker too )
  10. Thank you for your advices, for sure this helps ! I realize that I have nothing to worry about, because the school will lend me some books for this summer, and, also, I already did the french equivalent of the 11th grade (yes I know, it is really strange lol) so It will helps. I'll ask them for pre-IB courses anyway... Thanks again
  11. Ok thank you all ! That reassures me And Soiboist I'll go to America for 3 weeks so conserning the language it will be ok, thanks for the advice !
  12. Hi I just want to know what's your opinion about Online courses ! Because I'm thinking of taking Psychology SL with Pamoja education (online course), but I only heard bad things about this kind of teaching... So ? Did anyone already try ? Nobody ? Really ?
  13. Hi everyone ! Next year I'll begin my first IB year ! The problem is that I've never had school in English, and I don't think I have a sufficient level in English to follow, especially: Biology, Maths and Chemistry courses in English ... My school told me to have pre-IB courses in the summer, but I don't find anything on the net ! Does somebody know where I can have this kind of courses in France ? (Paris or Nice) Thanks ...Or maybe on the internet ? ^^
  14. Oh Thank you very much for this complete answer ! It's very helpful ! The problem is that Chemistry HL scares me a bit, I heard that it was really hard ! But apparently I'll need it, so... I'll do with it ! Concerning universities, I'm thinking of going to England but I'm not sure yet, so I'm asking if the subjects I'll chose go well to have most of chances to go wherever I want.
  15. Hi everyone ! Next year (normally) I'll join you in the IB ! The problem is that I don't already know what to do after... Is it a real problem or should I really know now ? In fact, I'm interested in some jobs like Veterinarian, Psychiatrist, Nutritionist... which are jobs rather related to medicine studies. So I was thinking of taking: French, English, Psychology, Biology, Maths, and Chemistry instead of Art. (Is it ok for the jobs I quoted ? (And for possibly others ?)) But I have some questions: First, what's the difference between Mathematics and Mathematical studies ? Secondly, should
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