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  1. An EE is supposed to be a research paper, testing your research ability. Therefore I don't think that primary data is really necessary as such.
  2. Thanks so much guys! Feels great to get feedback from fellow IBer's Thanks!
  3. An analysis of the competitive marketing strategies of Company X and Company Y- which company holds the competitive advantage? Is this question good enough? I included the part after the dash because I thought the first part was too generic.
  4. Ok dude, thanks so much, I really appreciate your help! You really saved my life! Cheers!
  5. Thanks dude! Hate to bother you but could you clarify? If I had say 0.01 mol of CuSO4 and I used 2 mol of water, would I have to write the equation as: CuSO4+ 200H2O----> CuSO4(aq) Because of the ratio? Or just leave it as x? Also, when I am trying to construct the cycle by rearranging the two equations, I have to somehow make a 5H2O on the reactant side, therefore, assuming that the first equation does use 200H2O, would I have to make the second equations reactant 195H2O? Im sorry but my teacher is obsessive over the tiniest details, she scrapped my entire last IA because a few words matc
  6. This is the reaction I am indirectly finding CuSO4 + 5H2O --> CuSO4.5H2O These are the two equations I am using to construct the Hess' cycle 1. CuSO4 + xH2O --> CuSO4(aq) 2. CuSO4.5H2O + xH2O --> CuSO4(aq) What should the coefficient of H2O be?
  7. From what I understand, the EE is supposed to be a research essay, however how does this apply to English? Is this just a longer version of a normal essay? Also am I allowed to use two books from two different authors? They are both similar and suit my title on food symbolism, but would it be better to just do one book in depth instead of two? Cause it feels just random, but at the same time I'm worried that just one 300 page book is insufficient for the markers... Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!
  8. Hi, I know that I am not allowed to do a book that has been studied in my syllabus, however is it allowed if I want to use a book that we didn't study, but has the same author as one we did? For example, I want to do Kitchen Gods Wife by Amy Tan, however i have already studied her Joy Luck Club. Is this not allowed or am I good?
  9. Pfft having the book is nothing! I have him as my teacher =P You go to HK United World College???? Nice, how is he as a teacher??? Cause his book is just...tough to study with...
  10. I totally agree with the fact that Paul Hoang's book has so much unnecessary rubbish in it. I admit it has some AMAZING content, but he doesn't differentiate between the really important stuff and the useless stuff...which there is a lot of. The words are also really complicated and unless you are in super work mode...you will not concentrate. Just use the IB syllabus in conjunction with Paul Hoang's book for awesome results!!!!!
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