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  1. Wow, 80%? Dayum, i'm statistics and probability, and my 7 is at 76%. Anyone hear back from someone who remarked english A1?
  2. So if the boundary for 7 in English A1 SL is at 78 and i'm 76, i should go for it with NO fear of being marked down to a 5?
  3. It's not about being far from the higher boundary, it's being really close ( Less or equal to 3 points) but in a very very subjective subject (English or Any language A1)
  4. Does anyone have any stories about the worst remark scenarios they've heard of? Like people who have been remarked in a subject only to be marked down 5+% or lose an IB point?
  5. Summer Glau has been telling me that she knows people who remarked English A1 before and got higher grades, does anyone else know of any and what happened to their grades?
  6. Yeah, I wont be sad if it doesn rise. Just pissed if it turns to a 5.
  7. I see what you mean IBConquerer, but the thing about my score is, i have went into a college that i do not really plan to stay at and i plan to transfer hopefully after the first year while they can still look at my IB grades so it also kinda helps. My Dilema isnt the money or anything, just the chance of a 5. But everyone tells me that it's pretty unlikely and my coordinator told me that if i do lose 10 points, we have a right to fight with the IBO because of the lack of an accurate first time mark (even though i have a predicted 7 in English)
  8. Thanks for the answers guys, also i've been thinking about this, but the second i send for my remark, i can kiss my 20/20 in WL good bye right?
  9. so even though english grades are pretty fallible, flexible and volatile, i probably wont go down to be a 5? Also, do they remark the World Lit? Or is it something moderated so they dont touch it? Because it would be much better to simply remark P1 and P2
  10. It's more of a personal preference, I got a 42, and i'm planning on remarking physics HL (1 point away from 7) and i want to get one last point to try to be 44 (EE and ToK are hopelessly both low B's so naah) What are the chances of getting the last two points? (and money is not an issue, it's just if i stand a chance to get even lower than a 6) and also has anyone ever remarked English or heard of a person who remarked english and what happened to their grade?
  11. Hello, I have just gotten my grade breakdown, and my Paper 1 and Paper 2 were disappointing but my IA and WL are good. I ended up with a 6 which was a 76% and 7 starts from 78%. Here is my breakdown: IA: 24 P1: 18 P2: 14 WL: 20 (Yeah i was pretty happy about the world Lit! )
  12. Im doing my EE in physics, I'll be investigating the relationship between the Coefficient of restitution of different types of squash balls (the only difference between them being their rubber composition). I will heat them up in boiling water, transfer them to a clam stand which is set at a detirmined height, then i will let the temperature fall to the experimental temperature and open the clamp and use frame by frame video analysis to find the height. In the end, i will compare the effects of temeprature on CoR at different temperatures of the different ball types and reach a conclusion and
  13. Noticed theres another shadow fucntions thread but didnt want to hijack. Im completely stuck at point 4 of part B where it wants a provable general statement, that point is extremely broad, what exactly does should that general statement acheive? or what should it show?
  14. You have the same ambitions as i do, but the acceptance rates of these schools are crazy.
  15. Nice! Sounds much more complicated than mine to be honest. Which college do you plan on going to?
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