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  1. Okay... so I have the new mathematically fitted equation... But it was a true a lot of guess and check and looking through class notes to I add that in a footnote? Would IBO want to hear the guess-and-check method?
  2. Thanks so much for your help here!!! I can't make any promises for my either one though... Infinite Summations.
  3. Yeahh what I did was put the first two parts together, thinking that was what I had to do mathematically. Than use technology for the part I was confused on and THAN get another function other than what I have found already.... Go me for getting it! I can do math haha!
  4. so this function you mathematically got, plot it. but not on a new graph. plot it on the original data points to see whether it fits. it can't be done in excel so get a GDC or graphing software. comment on how well it fits your data points. does the shape fit? any point that doesn't fit the curve? if your model doesn't fit use data points so badly, revise your model i.e. make changes to it like translation or stretching but no need to restart unless very necessary. then from the shape of the graph, explain the effect of g force and time e.g. as g force increases, time increases but be specific
  5. Okay, I am still confused in the Horizontal part where it says: 'On a new set of axes, draw your model function, and the original data points. Comment on any differences. Revise your model if necessary. Discuss the implications of your model in terms of G-forces acting on a human being.' I understand the last part, but I still don't understand what i need to do for the first part. Am i supposed to show the graph I got mathematically and then re-do the math again to get new points that will be hopefully closer? And if not just discuss why again, and if it is, discuss why these led to better r
  6. I have read through this ENTIRE thread twice... and these are questions i have (answered or not already) 1.) Okay... This another task I have due in 6 days and I finished up to the part where i need to consider a general sequence where x =1 (3rd part on the first page).... and i'm lost and don't know where to begin with it 2.) Also, for the parts above it, where its just solving and graphing (which i am having trouble with). I used excel would i just copy the charts into my portfolio and have that be my calculations by explanation? 3.) (I know this was asked and answered a lot but I need my o
  7. 1.) How many functions do I need by the end? For Horizontal There is the function I found mathematically The one I found technologically The one for 'find another function' found either mathematically or technologically For Vertical There is only one function to find and technoligcally 2.) Also, I feel dumb asking this... but how do I do power regression on the GDC, I know its Stat<Calc<PwrReg but the value for 'r' does not appear... 3.) 'Revising my model'... what? I have to redo my work or just rechange the equation... doesn't make sense. 4.) For vertical, I use the equation i mathema
  8. Our teacher doesnt trust us with the chords, the school supplied the calculators haha. I'll start searching for these programs thanks! I may come back with more questions...
  9. 1.) Okay thanks, I have that stated 2.) Okay... I hope i did it correctly anyway 3.) I've been looking for autograph but all the download links are dead and I dont use torrents... if i take pictures of my GDC with my phone camera, that would be acceptable?
  10. I got this IA and its due next week and I have a few questions... If anyone can help me out, that'd be great! 1.)For the constraints, both x (g-force) and y (time) have to be greater than or equal to 0 correct and that's it? 2.) After manually finding a general statement, it doesn't match the one found by my calculator, especially my value for a... I used the points (11,1) and (6,10). Manually I got a = 1.1496 and b = -5.9555 but with technology a = 13577.9813 and b= -3.974. Maybe I did something wrong with my math, I don't know... 3.)How do I two graphs on one plot sheet in excel for comparin
  11. I'm doing mine about dystopia novels and the times they were written in. 'How do authors of dystopian works express their opinions and fears of their current world within what they are writing?' It's still in the research phases but it's coming along well. I'm using Brave New World (Aldous Huxley), The Garbage Collector (Ray Bradbury), and I'm in search for a poem or two, another short story, and literary criticism....
  12. In all honesty. I need to know that I'm at a place when this year ends that there is enough time to still be ready for the Exams I'll be taking this time next year! My teacher has taught us parallel to his lower leveled classes and gave us the same materials as them. I'm not to sure what we have even covered this year other than projectiles, frequencies (we are studying now along with standing waves), gravitational stuff that deals with outer space, springs, circular and uniform motion, there was more... but that's all I can remember. We are spending now to the end of the year (June) on freque
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