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  1. do you have to be fluent in spanish to write the extended essay in group 2?? because I am not fluent but know enough to be able to write on in spanish?
  2. I like the pearson baccalaureate books, personally, I find them very useful
  3. maybe if it was SL or ab initio, but doubt it highly for HL, sorry
  4. well it depends on what you blog about really, if you blog about something that falls under the creavitivity category, then it could be considered as creativity. Talk to your CAS coordiantor for some advice
  5. haven't updated mine in a while, but I'll start soon though www.cookiedoughlove.tumblr.com
  6. I agree with everyone above, to spare the agony, which is only worth a few points, make life easier and do something with an experiment! Good luck xo
  7. sounds interesting, but its not really a realistic essay, plus, are you able to write 4000 words on it?
  8. Hey, does anyone here speaks Portuguese at all, fluently or even just a little, its like our own like Portuguese thread!
  9. its okay to have a relationship when you're in IB, but if you know you REALLY cannot handle it alongside your studies, then don't enter one
  10. personally, if you are studying it at home, I would advice to study ab initio, as B language are harder now because the have scraped A1 and A2, but if you think you are confident in doing Japanese B, who am I to say don't do it, good luck with it though
  11. I think it depends on what you want to study at uni and where you want to study, if you are going to study a subject that does not require math whatsoever, maths studies is cool, if it does, but not a lot, then Maths SL is ideal, if you are going to study Maths or Mechanical Engineering, the Maths HL is necessarry. Hope this helps xo
  12. a flute player who could teach the poor man how to play it
  13. Don't worry, I'm in the same boat as you! just a lot of practice is pretty much the only way to understand it fully, and a lot of revision , which is annoying because it takes up a lot of your time despite its not your higher
  14. do Spanish ab inito, you're more likely to get a better grade, especially if you put more work outside of school
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