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  1. Emergence of the Americas in global affairs, The Second World War and the Americas, and Civil Rights in the Americas. you?
  2. It's probably cause last year's Paper 1 and 2 were extremely difficult. So yeah, can definitely see the boundaries going up a point or two, but not too worried, I think I wrote solid essays, especially my Stalin one. But Paper 3 last year was pretty easy, so I'm almost positive it's going to be difficult this year.
  3. So soft. Did peacekeeping for Paper 1. It was about the absence of major powers in the League of Nations. Couldn't have asked for a better one! Paper 2 was pretty good as well. The questions were simple and straightfoward. I did question 4 (?) which was about foreign intervention in the Spanish Civil War. And of course, like everyone else in my school, I did question 16 with Stalin and his purges. Honestly, question 16 was a gift sent from heaven. Hopefully paper 3 is easy too. But I highly doubt that
  4. Yup! Deception was definitely one of my biggest arguments.
  5. Did the poem for TZ1. I agree with Emy, it made a whole lot more sense than the prose, but the majority of kids in my school did the prose. I talked about the beauty of life as well; more specifically on the beauty of birth. Also I talked about the contrast between the artificial setting and the natural feeling of the birth. I thought it was a beautiful poem.
  6. I went on the same VE Day Trip! Instead I went to France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Did you go in May 2010?
  7. I LOVE traveling! My dream is to pretty much go around the world. I've been too.... Cananda (where I live, Montreal, Quebec City, St. Andrews New Brunswick) USA (Detroit, New York, Chicago, Washington, Dallas, Houston, Allen, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Las Vegas, Orlando, New Orleans, random parts of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida) France (Paris, Normandy) Belgium (some random city...) Netherlands (another small town, random countryside, Amsterdam) Germany (random countryside, Berlin) India (random parts of Punjab, Delhi, Dharamshala, other random parts in the North) Fe
  8. Basically all the topics that you learn in class has been overdone. Choose a topic that you don't learn in class but still related to what you're learning. If you want to do something that's big (like WWI or Cold War), do it in the perspective of your country. Makes it more original
  9. My school has a huge success rate for HL History..but mainly because our teacher is absolutely amazing. I think last year, in a class of 23 students, 12 got 7s, 8 got 6s and the rest got 5s. Honestly, HL History requires lots of practice, a good memory and generally good writing skills. If you have all three, you'll do absolutely fine on the exam. The practice is really important in my opinion. Your 45 minute essays only get better with the more practice you do. And in all honestly, the better you do on those essays, the better you do on your IAs and eventually your exam. We usually do an essa
  10. I think it's perfectly doable. Of course, you might not have the best social life ever but you can still have a respectful level and still do admirably well. For me, in grade 11 I didn't feel the pressure of IB all that much and had a very nice social life where I would hang out almost every day. And I still got two 7's. But come grade 12, with uni and scholarship apps as well as HL classes, EE, TOK, WL and all that, my social life has definitely dipped. Not to say I don't have one, but it's nothing compared to grade 11. But I know that once Jan is over, I'll be back to a social life since the
  11. I want to get into Health Sci and I took HL History and HL Biology. I strongly advise you not to take the two sciences at HL. Take the one you like the best at HL and the other one at SL and you'll do great. There's just way too many concepts and lab hours you need to complete if you do both at HL..and yeah it's pretty much suicide (but I know a few people who got 7s in both. So it's still achievable!) Personally, I believe you should do your HL's in something you enjoy doing. HL History is not needed for what I want to study but I just love history so much that I took it for that sole reason.
  12. Summer! Usually June cause that's my b-day. What does your favourite t-shirt/shirt look like?
  13. Definitely ask your EE mentor on their opinions on what books they think you might find some success in. I know when I started, I had absolutely no idea what book I should do my EE on. Whether I should do classic or modern. I asked my mentor and she told me that I could do classic if I wanted to but I had a better chance of doing better EE with a Canadian, modern book (that's still literary!). She said there's less of a chance that the moderator has a) read the book (there's not many Canadian novels out there that are super popular) and b) he/she might have read the novel but not necessarily r
  14. First of all, to get a 7 predicted in every course will require to put in an astronomical amount of effort and work. Just saying. I know in my school, the predicted grades are mainly based on your January exams and how well you do on them. MY IB Coordinator said that the Jan exams are the most important exams you'll ever write (yes even more important than the May ones). Reason being is because our predicted grades are what get us into University..while our final grades are merely scholarship grades. So make sure you check how important your Jan exams are going to be. I know for some of my cou
  15. For you SLs: I personally don't find SL Math that challenging at all to be honest. It's very doable, even if you're not that good at math. If you're good at math, you can easily get a 7. If you're not so great, you can still probably manage a 5 or a 6 if you put the practice into it. For me, Math SL had some hard concepts but with a month of practice in April, the exam was super easy. I can't say anything about Theatre SL or Spainsh SL but I'm taking French SL and so far it's pretty easy, especially since I've been doing extended French since grade 6. Don't worry about Spanish SL, if it's anyt
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