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  1. Using matrices makes a lot of sense... I started it though, however, for a quartic function (that's what I said it was). The determinant was 0... is there a way to fix that? If I use a different function I still can't see it being a lot different because of all of the unknowns. In the example Desy attached (and THANK-YOU SO MUCH for attaching it). There was a point given where x=0. We aren't given this in our task. I just said that e=1. I hope that isn't what messed up my matrix equation. :/ Any help would be great! Thanks guys!
  2. If you do not see a pattern between your values of OP' it is probably 1 of these 2 reasons. 1. You calculated the value of OP' wrong. The pattern is very easy to see, if you don't see a pattern, maybe you've not got the right numbers 2. You have not written the final answers as fractions. Written as fractions the pattern is blatantly obvious. It is not quite as easy to see as a decimal. Try that if you haven't already.
  3. For presenting the circles, will I score lower if my picture is hand-drawn? My teacher said that it was okay to do this and then scan it. I'm not very good with computer programs :/ I will use the TI-84 plus GDC to check other values of r and OP though for sure, I'm okay with that. Will this be seen differently by the IB? Do they prefer pictures drawn on the computer? Any help would be great, thanks guys!
  4. It'd be pretty far away, but UBC (The University of British Columbia) accepts a ton of international students compared to many, and also loves diploma kids, they even came to our school to recruit (we only had 10 kids in it that year). They have some fantastic medicine programs, I'm trying to go there on scholarship (crossing my fingers). Good luck, hope you find somewhere.
  5. Okay, so I really need your help here people, before my time is up to change courses around. I am looking to take HL chem or HL physics (or both) as a corrispondance course or online. I have heard of people doing this before where the teacher from another school will video tape classes or send handouts and assignments to people via email or snail mail. Does anyone know how I can do this??? How do I find a school, register etc?? I really want these to be part of my diploma, or work them in some how, but it just can't happen for me at my school.
  6. I don't know what you guys are talking about with "doubles" but I really wish I had one-on-one classes with the teachers, how did you manage to get that? My worst semester is right now. Everyday is the same schedule. 4 75 min periods 1. HL Biology 2. HL World Geography 3. HL English A1 4. HL Chemistry It thoroughly sucks, especially since all of my classes have about 30 kids. I totally wish it could be smaller, so I could actually ask questions and not just be ignored. I also have a terribly kind schedule that decided all of my HL courses had better run at once.
  7. Well I'm just starting IB1 aswell. I have almost every class the same as you! That's awesome! The only different thing is that I'm doing World Geography HL instead of economics sl. It kind of worries me that you're so worried about the schedule that's almost the exact same as mine! The only thing I am worried about is chemistry. I wouldn't worry about biology though, I've heard it is a lot of just memorizing.
  8. If we had any mutual classes, I'd definetly subscribe . Anything easily digestible that could help with studying sounds good to me !
  9. Grumpy. Other people don't usually want me around when I'm angry. or
  10. Thanks so much you guys for replying! Yeah I don't think I will make notes on my books, just read them. It doesn't sound that important anymore. I like to read in the summer anyways so I still want to read those. Maybe I'll just go through my worst units for math? ^.- I don't know yet. I did an IB physics certificate in grade 10 though and I didn't realise the whole "syllabus" thing and was just going through random notes all the time, it really didn't go over so well. So my syllabi (if that's a word) and I will be best buddies for the next two years : P
  11. I'm going into IB1 next year. I've heard about how procrastinating leaves everyone screwed, and how time management is key to sucess in IB. I've heard of people reading their IB1 English A1 novels and making notes a summer before. So I talked to the teacher and got the list and bought the books. Then I heard that annotating your syllabus copies for IB sciences is really important, so I printed a copy out for each of those. So I skipped grade 10 pre-IB math, so when we started our functions semester I was a bit behind. So I really need to work through a textbook this summer. I was so worried a
  12. I think it is great, but only if your 1st language is not hurt because of it. I know many french immersion kids who have very poor english grammer and spelling because of the french.
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