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  1. Yeah, I regret only beginning to love being a student starting this year, but man, when everyone else told me that being a student was the best years of your life, they were spot on. I'll try not to be a nostalgiafag but the thing I'mma miss the most is that feeling of adrenaline you get while anticipating your exam results. I last experienced it a day ago when I was receiving my IB scores, but I'm sure the feeling won't be the same anymore in Uni since we're not seperated into classes.
  2. Probably the former. I actually wish I knew about this website when I was in Year 11, it would be a huge boost to my morale. Pity I wasted the first year playing the whole time. I guess this development of cohesiveness and teamwork amongst the IB students worldwide is a phenomenon that is one of a kind...
  3. English A1 HL - 5 Chinese B SL - 7 Mathematics SL - 6 Chemistry SL - 7 Physics HL - 6 Business and Management HL - 6 TOK - B EE - C Total = 38 Predicted (41) Well, I'm pretty content with my results. Content, but not happy or delighted. I expected it anyway. Quite disappointed at Math SL though, I was the only one in my class who got the last question about the window correct, but still did not get a 7. EE/TOK sucked cause I half-assed both of them, haha. Really surprised at Chemistry SL, I remember getting 1s and 2s at the beginning of Year 11 but got a 7 in the final exam
  4. Wow, I did the exact same options too, and I have B&M paper 2 tomorrow. I'm not studying though, I'm playing Persona 4 =/ And Paper 1 really screwed me over today, had only 30 minutes for Section C...
  5. Hey I took the Mandarin B SL exam (the one with milubing, correct?). It was harder than I expected. Definitely harder than the past years that my teacher let me do. But I should be fine, made some mistake and did well enough in my oral to be able to attain a 7. Btw don't be fooled by China flag, I'm also a Singaporean living in China hahaha. (Hello fellow SGrean)
  6. Thanks. I'm just so stressed out and nervous. I made countless careless mistakes in my exams because im so jittery.
  7. It was paper 2, so the only place I needed to write was the front page. I have the cover sheet with my candidate number and name and everything attached with the tag, but I'm just afraid that IBO will disregard my paper simply because I did not write my candidate number on the exam itself, since IBO is pretty much notorious for being very strict about things like that. Do they check the things once again before sending it out? My school is VERY wishywashy about checking, one student almost had his first draft of his EE sent instead of his final draft which would've royally screwed him over
  8. They sealed the envelope in front of the whole class after the exam. Did you mean they check the papers before putting it in the envelope or do they open the envelope later and check again before sending off? If it is the former, I'm still screwed, because the teachers who collected my paper were... inattentive
  9. I was doing my Chemistry SL TZ2 Paper 2 the previous week and I THINK I forgot to put in my candidate number. I'm really worried. Is it ok since I have the cover page with my candidate number attached or are IB markers going to be anal and not mark the whole thing? Good lord...
  10. I did option E and option G, astro and EM waves. EM waves killed me. I thought they would tell us to draw a telescope and then ask us crap about wedge films or thin film interference (observed pattern from doing past year papers). NONE of those came out. And I did not study for X-Rays...
  11. I've changed since I joined the IB. I've become more condescending of people who I deem lazy or unintelligent. I've become more of a ****, but the person I bash the most is myself. I used to be the kind of guy who drifted through life like it was easy going and light-paced. But I woke up once I was in Year 12, not sure if it was whether to my advantage or not. I jumped 12 points, from a predicted of 29 to 41, when I realized I had potential and was not using it. And no, I have never experienced the sleeping at 3ams everyday or the coffee chugging, but I've suffered a whole lot in the months pr
  12. I thought P1 was harder than P2. For P1, I had to practically guess some MCQ questions because I totally did not know how to approach it. For P2, Section A was fine, I'm sure I'm okay, but Section B was bad. I chose B2 and B3 because I couldn't do the other two at all, and in B2 itself I screwed up the power production and volume expansion questions. What's more, the topics that appeared in the exam were the ones that I paid less attention to. P3 also screwed me over. They totally changed the pattern. I noticed that in the past year papers, they always asked the same type of questions, but the
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