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  1. Yea, that's the trouble with finding good eco articles. That's why I was saying you need to know what you want to write about. Generally what I did was decide on the topicI want to write about and then find corresponding articles by searching with the terminology (inflation rate, income change, structural unemployment, etc.) Graphs have to be labeled correctly though, and if you're using data from th article it should be included as well.
  2. Relating Alibrandi to multiculturalism? THe whole book is about that topic... the acceptance of it, the denial of its existence and the classic 'finding yourself'. Make yourself a mind map: general topic, ideas you wish to incorporate, what you would like to write about and possible sources. when you're done with that you can form a statement for yourself and turn it into a question, refining it until it's really specific. For example: I'd be interested in the problem arrising from the cultural differences and stereotypes being passed onto younger generations creating a more problematic cultur
  3. Servus, I reckon the best thing to do is to just draw the charts and diagrams yourself. If you know what you wantto show with and convey with them it takes just a few minutes to draw one manually with Paint, PowerPoint or even more easily with an actual program designed for it (e.g. http://harmon.uconn..../econgk.mhtml ; http://pixeltrick.net/ ) That way you also won't run the risk of being called out on plagiarism It used to be 4 commentaries but after 2011 they changed it, you guys 'just' have to write 3 (1 Micro,1 Macro, 1 International). Just skipped over the article, I'll cautiously
  4. Meesa thinks tribal ise gayse shi­ts. No offence but tribal is for pricks... a tattoo is something you want to be proud of and not conform to any other guy that gets ink just for the sake of it.
  5. At first I thought obvious troll is obvious, but I now know that IBS is full of hipster newfriends. Thank god I know the truth about that ****ty site 9GAG - it's implied in the name. also: memes - they originated from the true underbelly of the intertubes. If you don't know it, good, means that rule 1&2 are finally being applied. 9gag is unoriginal - sorry to burst your bubble.
  6. Respect, I tried that the other week, tried to numb the skin with ice - ended up getting some mild frostbite as I had it n for too long Haha, right!! I don't buy that. Getting over yourself to push the needle deep enough is the hardest part. Also general advice: prepare your skin by applying moisturising cream every day, that way the skin will take up the colour much better.
  7. I'm a native German, have been taught British English, but when I speak English people say I'm either American (apparently my voice drops by a few notes) or that I'm French ○____○
  8. I am offended as my rats are plain stupid, but they are still cute. Yoghurt has an IQ of 7 which is above the intelligence of some of the people around me. Frankly my problems have already manifested itself. 2 very distinct voices always suggest to me what to do, when my therapist (who could put rapist back into therapist) said i should let the aggresive/malevolent one come closer I was being followed after I left. Paranoia and schizophrenia/personality disorders are cool hey. Tip of the ice berg.
  9. Granted, but it sucks so badly that you turn away from Halo forever (albeit, I herd hez a pretty cool guy) I wish that I'd finish all my eco commentaries to an acceptable manner and get them sent off tomorrow.
  10. Cool, thanks, I'll do that tonight, for now it's gonna be exchange rates ○___○ As in protectionism? Yes, protectionism. Tariffs and quotas usually are good choices because there's lots to discuss and evaluate, just be careful to remember all the labels. Copy the diagram right out of your textbook/notes and make sure you don't forget anything because there are a ton of labels Thanks a ton, got an article from Reuters about he US imposing quotas on Chinese solar panels, was my fastest commentary yet at about 3 hours... (sincerely hoping that it actually was as easy as it seemed and I didn't
  11. I may be extremely lazy but I'm not a complete idiot I looked up articles to topics I actually know how to work with, a bigger problem is using the right graphs, e.g. article is about structural unemployment and how the government tries to reduce the unemployment rate (funding training from tax money). first i tried to make a diagram for jobs available, unemployed, and subsidy to firms after 3 hours of searching I realized that it's a demand-side expansionary fiscal policy graph I need... inb4 coolstorybro
  12. Just saw that this thread had some new comments after I left it to die... Update: I did write a new commentary - on (in)elasticity of house prices in the UK, with the result that my teacher kept loosing it for 6 months and I kinda slacked off and now I ****ed up and am upstream of a specific fecal river without any means of propulsion. Got half of my second commentary (Macro - Unemployment) and I got an article on Exchange Rates (International). Any suggestions for another one?
  13. Had mine this morning but this is general advice I found out during a trial presentation, - be relaxed, - introduce your topic and specific area of it (kindo of like a RQ), what are you trying to convey? - artists, artists, artists - if there is an artist that inspired you name them! if there is an artist that produced similar art work, name them! - try not to be shakespearean - saying something once is enough - if the examiner doesn't get it he'll ask you; - explain your processes a bit (my examiner took to me when I explained how I created an image-to-html picture) - you can refer to your ar
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