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  1. There really isn't that much of a difference. Honestly coming from a person who loathes foreign language, I took Spanish B and I only learned enough to pass the test. I'm not fluent and my level barely meets elementary standards. I actually failed my 3rd year of Spanish during the second semester. Yet, I passed it, because the test are so easy. The reading and comprehension is easy due to the context clues, even if you can't answer the higher level questions. Our class practiced with mock exams, as long as you answer all of the questions, regardless if you have the right answer, your bound to
  2. I bought additional research material for my Essay. I spent $30 on my research (all second hand from amazon market sellers) I bought my books for the topic and my books for sources and reference. It's common and easier, it allows for you to mark up your book and have it on call at all times. Go through the amazon market, it will more than likely cost about $4.00 including shipping per a book.
  3. I did my EE on Harry Potter! I got a "C", but it was the most enjoyable 4000 words I ever wrote. I didn't spend months on writing my essay or lots of editing. There are two ways of going about this: 1. Do a comparative, take one HP book and another fantasy book and do an analysis between the two pertaining to a linking topic. 2. Use several HP books and focus on a topic within I did option 2, I chose 3 Harry Potter books (1,3,5). Do not do all, that's too much to cram in a paper. My topic focused on the need for rebellion and the effect of bogus authority. My Mentor though my paper was excell
  4. I feel like the English A1's were the most disappointing to a lot of people. I was kinda of expecting at least a 6, and I got a 5. I did really well on the mock exams, with 6's and 7's. I thought my exams went well, I wrote a good 9 pages for each paper. Psh, I want to see my composite scores.
  5. Oh the over achievers in the room :] Well here's how my 27 points got broken down: HL: English:5 History of the Americas:4 Bio: 3 SL: Mathematical Studies:6 Spanish: 4 Psychology:4 EE English: C TOK:B My scores look about right, even though I expected English to be higher. I really want to see the composite scores. Since, I'm in the U.S, IB scores don't negatively effect anything. It did give me my 100% bright futures, and some college credit for math and english, maybe psych, history (depending on how the school awards credit) :] I'm content, I got the diploma.
  6. A few 3-ring binders, with dividers. Lots of really nice pens (I love the sharpie pens). TONS OF SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOKS, I absolutely hate loose leaf notebook paper and with spiral notebooks you can keep all your notes in one spot and then organize later. My GDC, I have an older one 83+ with some pressure spots on the screen, but it's pretty much the best thing in the world (for IB).
  7. Well, I was interested (troll or not ) So, I posted to my favorite forum, where there was bound to be someone who knew or would research for me and they recommended this: go here: http://terriblygoodstuff.blogspot.com/ and feel free to join the chat at mibbit.com/#8311 (you'll have to dig through it, since there is about 6-post on it)
  8. Banned because you have Russian ancestry
  9. What about board games? MWUAHAHA... MONOPOLY... I become super greedy, controlling, infuriated, and my paranoia that everyone is cheating intensifies (Especially, if you don't roll the dice right and land on free parking!). Monopoly does bad things to a rather good person, but I LOVE IT. However, for some serious gaming: -Call of Duty -GTA -Final Fantasy -The Sims -Destroy all Humans -Spyro
  10. I want to be a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists) :] I can be come a registered nurse with a BSN (roughly 4-years *not including IB credits*) and then a CRNA with a MSN (2.5 years). A lucrative career, but so rewarding in many other ways besides money. I'm truly passionate about becoming a nurse, it has taken me a long time to decide what I truly wanted to do. I believe nurses are under-rated for what they do :[
  11. Well, from my own observations a English EE isn't going to have as many sources as a history EE. It can, but it isn't likely. For English, the examiner wants to see that you focused your analysis with your own personal analysis more so than relying on numerous sources. My EE for english had 4 total sources including the books I used. It is true that in the end the amount of sources used comes down to the research that you do. I'm only trying to give a rough estimate of what to expect.
  12. It really depends on your topic... For an English EE your not going to have as many sources as you would A history EE...
  13. Well I not very good at the marks scheme... But, you seem to have met all the points and they are clearly laid out. s research Question stated: "This investigation evaluates the degree to which the Freedom Riders helped abolish segregation in the United States, specifically in the South" Scope: "I will evaluate the pivotal moments that the Freedom Riders experienced and what effect they had on the entire movement. This will be connected to the analysis by evaluating one of the major turning points of segregation in the Deep South" (tell what that major turning point is) My teacher always re
  14. At my school, we are given school leave ( we are not marked absent and do not have to return to school) for our IB Exams. So, we were given time off from May 2nd until May 19th to prepare for our exams on non-exam days and take the exams on exam day. Does your school allocate you time to prepare and take your Exams? Or do you only get off for exam days?
  15. For List A, did you mean Michael Crichton if so, then JURASSIC PARK, plus there is a nice little bonus of enjoying the movie after reading it. Also, The Andromeda Strain, Eaters of the Dead, or Congo! There are so many options from him, this is a fantastic opportunity! I'm actually quite jealous >.> But, if you did really mean "Michael Creighton", then I am so sorry For List A, George Orwell's " 1984" or J.R.R. Tolkien "The Hobbit"
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