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  1. I'm not sure about MIT, but you could try Hong Kong Baptist University. They really love child prodigies and I don't think they value extracurricular activities as much as American universities do (it's a culture thing - take it from me, I live in Hong Kong). In 2007 they accepted a 9 year old boy who got AAB in his A-level exams, and they even designed a 5 year course especially for him. Oh and also this just came to mind - Cambridge accepted a 14 year old boy in 2010. Maybe you could give them a try?
  2. This is such a great time to be (or become) a physicist! There are gonna be major edits in textbooks, changes in education and LOTS of new areas of research. And since the whole world is now looking at the Physics field, big companies and governments will all be interested in funding research. Hopefully this will help the global economy too...
  3. I read somewhere that we'll get the grade breakdown later.. Does anyone know when/how? You have to contact your IB coordinator. He/she should have the breakdowns for every student at your school
  4. 41 overall. HL Maths - 5 HL Econ - 6 HL Phy - 6 SL Eng A1 - 7 SL Chem - 7 SL Span B - 7 Econ EE - B, TOK - A (bonus points 3/3) The 3 bonus points totally saved my sorry rear end
  5. I got a B for my Economics EE... I was predicted a B, so no surprises after all.
  6. Haven't. Still waiting for HKU+HKUST (local university) offers. Hmm, that's strange, have you heard from HKU yet? I thought they were usually fast to get through non-JUPAS applications. I got an offer for HKU in February, went for the interview in mid-April and got a confirmation e-mail 2 weeks later. I think you should hear from them soon.
  7. Seems like Astrophysics is a common option, huh? I did Astrophysics and EM waves. Astrophysics was fine, I'd say even easier than expected. EM waves on the other hand was a total nightmare...
  8. I use Phillips' sweatproof sports earphones when I go running. The audio quality's not great and the earbuds don't feel great either, but at this price range and for such a specialised product, I think they're a decent deal. Also, they seem durable. Well, they're supposedly designed for sports, after all. I used normal earphones for running before, and I managed to ruin TWO pairs. Then, I realised that normal earphones are probably not designed to experience all the friction and wear and tear that comes with running Edit: A lot of other electronics brands sell earphones especially designed fo
  9. I firmed SOAS and kept Kent as my insurance. Now I can finally concentrate on just my studies and nothing my else
  10. Ooh, tough choice. Some of my thoughts: - It's cold up in Durham, but it's got its prestige as one of the oldest unis in the UK. - As far as I know, Reading is a moderately ranked/famous university. Would be a good choice, no doubt. - Cardiff is also famous, and I've heard that it's a great city. Hope this helps, even just slightly Ugh, fingers crossed for UCL's reply. They've been sending out a lot of replies over the last two weeks. Wonder what's the hold-up with my application.
  11. Hmm, I can't give you an answer there because I don't do Bio or History. In my previous post I was just talking generally about taking two sciences in IB. But, I do know some people who do Bio and Chem at HL and they've managed the past two years just fine. As I said before there are overlapping areas between the two subjects, so taking them actually gives you an advantage - by the time your Bio teacher teaches you something you'd have learnt it in Chem, or vice versa. And if I had to guess, I'd say that HL History is still worse than HL Bio, because in Bio there are concepts to understand, an
  12. Thanks glorii, but what about MYP? Will I fail my MYP if IB catches me for plagiarizing? Thanks! just FYI, i strongly suggest you dont copy anything paraphrase it even it you cited it dont do that. what glorii is talking about is DP but to be honestly the MYP system is not super strict and also the school DOES NOT send all your papers out, they pick a couple from each subject so not everyone papers are moderated. and the moderation is for just checking whether school grades it correctly not about plagiarism. your won school is supposed to look for that in the first place. Thanks alisonfaith2
  13. If you cited all your sources then you should have no problem. Turnitin picks up strings of text that match text in other files in its database, but if you've acknowledged your sources, it's not considered plagiarism. 10% similarity is pretty low assuming you have cited your sources.
  14. I can't believe I got that either lol. but I must admit it's a low 7. I got a 6 in my mocks in october. we're lucky the boundaries for physics is so low that it's not that difficult to get a 7! I'm thankful :'D it saves me from failing despite not knowing anything much. How can you say you don't know anything?? To get a 6 in your october mocks means you know some things!! I got a 3 in my mock. nametaken, if you want to push up your Physics grade in a short period of time I recommend studying definitions. If you know your definitions it'll help your understanding of many concepts, and you'l
  15. Taking two sciences is NOT HARD at all. Well, okay, it depends on whether you're doing both sciences at HL, or one at HL and the other at SL. Also it depends on your subject choices overall. For example, if you're already doing two HL sciences I wouldn't recommend taking another demanding subject like HL Maths. But I think taking two sciences is the easy way out if you hate memorising facts for essay-based subjects (like History, Philosophy, etc). I know plenty of people who take two sciences. Myself included (I do HL Phy and SL Chem). People who take double sciences tend to choose either Chem
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