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  1. Yeah my teacher told me that the grade boundaries should be similar, maybe slightly higher, but still around 74-78% for a 7 in ECON HL, I believe..
  2. I forgot what questions 2 and 3 were about...I think one of the question asked the definition of underemployment and...I couldnt remember the other one
  3. Paper 1 was quite easy compared to paper 2..but I am not sure whether we can write out of the boxes or not
  4. I forgot to mention interest rate when talking about "crowding out" effects..sigh Paper 3 (24 hours have just elapsed) I did questions 1,2,5 because I found questions 3&4 quite challenging..
  5. I talked about how an increase in indirect tax would have different impacts on goods that have different PED. For example, a tax on cigarettes (inelastic as it is addictive) would cause a greater consumer burden because there is a greater reduction in consumer surplus than in producer surplus. Therefore it is ineffective to decrease production of cigarettes. On the other hand, for a tax on an elastic good, there is a greater producer burden, and welfare loss is bigger than that in an inelastic good. So how did you tackle this question?
  6. Absolutely! Question 1 seemed to be a tricky question, but once you understood it, it would be fine. I was not sure whether I should talk about positive externalities and market failure, so I ended up doing question 3 (crowding out) instead of question 1 (vaccination). I think the third question that you did was either about exchange rate or PED of goods.
  7. I believe question 2 is about the PED of goods and the effect of indirect tax on elastic/inelastic goods.
  8. hopefully the grade boundaries will be even lower than the grade boundaries in may 2010..
  9. I chose question 1 in paper 1, which is about perfect competition and oligopoly, quite straightforward. In paper 2, I was unsure about question 1 regarding how the government would intervene into the market of vaccination, so I decided to do questions 2,3,6. Unfortunately, my answer was not on the right track for question 3 (crowding out effects). So what do you think about paper 1 and paper 2? I think paper 1 is easier than paper 2, I should have answered question 1 in paper 2 instead of question 3...
  10. Regarding question 28/29 in paper 1, which is about the result of deforestation, which one did you choose? Reducing albedo or the carbon fixation? I was still unsure about the answer for this question. And which one did you choose to do in section B in paper 2? I chose B3 in paper 2, which seemed to be the easiest one. In paper 3, I was also stuck on the power question in quantum, but then I realised how to tackle it after the exam..sigh
  11. The weightings for SL are: Paper 1 -> 40% Paper 2 -> 35% IA -> 25% Therefore: Paper 1 -> 42/60 -> 28% Paper 2 -> 34/40 -> 29.75% IA -> 26/30 -> 21.67% Total -> 28+29.75+21.67 = 79.42% This is definitely a 7 in Geography SL.
  12. i think most of us in the school chose question 1 in paper 3
  13. Paper 3 was the hardest one in Geo. I wrote about the core and periphery, which was number 1 I think. I really did underestimate it thinking that globalization essay will he really easy. Still think I did good though. Actually I don't even know because it may turn out that my ideas may be all wrong!!! Did anyone else write about the importance of the relationship between core and periphery? What did you write about? but i found paper 2 more difficult than paper 3...probably because we did different optional themes for paper 2, some of the questions in paper 2 were really tricky i still remem
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