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  1. In the domestic and international factors in economic development section, the syllabus requires us to us know the information in respect to a specific example of a developing country. How are the examiners going to mark this? And how detailed/specific do our knowledge of that one country have to be... Like if we know that country has a lack of infrastructure (which is one of the domestic obstacles to development), is explaining generally what a lack of infrastructure results while mentioning the country's name sufficient? Or do you need more details
  2. One of the novels that I will use for my extended essay is Life of Pi. I was wondering which novels would match well with Life of Pi for the extended essay. Any suggestion/help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I was wondering what you guys thought of these books for a comparative essay: The Thief Lord and The Breadwinner
  4. Okay thanks so much for the feedback everyone Is it true that a comparative essay usually scores better than just using a single novel? And how sophisticated should the language be in the novels that you use for an extended essay?.. if that matters at all, because other than books I've read for school, I haven't read much these past few years to be honest... Should I actually do a full read through of books that sound interesting or just read a summary of it on sparknotes or something to get an idea whether or not I can actually develop anything from it instead of wasting time
  5. I've read that you shouldn't choose popular books (e.g., harry potter, lord of the rings) or classic texts used in school curriculum and such because they'll likely be heavily critiqued and analyzed already... So how exactly do you go on about choosing a topic for the english e.e? :/ I really need help, I'm not sure how to begin to choose a topic... Do I narrow down my choices by the books I like? Please help! P.s i didnt know if i shoulda put this in this forum or the e.e forum
  6. This portfolio wasn't bad at all... Hardest was probably picking which functions to use and then from there on it was all pretty straight forward.
  7. I have a qualitative data based lab and my teacher is requiring us to do data processing/presentation on it.....Do i just re-organize my findings on another table or something?
  8. We used distilled water, 5%, 10%, 15% corn syrup solutions to test movement of water in and out of cell by observing the mass of taros in these solutions but the mass decreased more for the 10% corn syrup solution rather than the 15% solution which should have shrunk the most since it has the most solute outside the cells so water shoulda moved out the most to find an equilibrium.... What could have possibly accounted for this? And how should I account/mention this in my conclusion ?
  9. Could you tell me how my hypothesis sounds? Any unnecessary info/too much? Or not specific enough? Etc.. Ty! (PS. my teacher said you could have 2 hypothesis so i made two) If taro specimens are placed in a corn syrup solution which has a lower concentration of solute outside the taro cells than inside the cells (hypertonic solution), then the masses of the taro specimens will increase because water will move through the selectively permeable membranes of the taro cells from an area of low solute concentration outside the cell to an area of higher solute concentration inside the cell (along th
  10. If I include pressure and temperature in our controlled variables, do we have to measure the temperature/pressure of the room or can we state in the procedure to make sure to leave the solutions in consistent temp./pressure/same room?
  11. For use of technology, you can use your GDC, Excel, or any other program software to get a technology function. And for us, we could choose any function to analytically model it, and another (perhaps completley different) function to technlogically model it.
  12. Thanks! I wrote my conclusion but i feel like I didnt do it right... Could anyone take a look at it and tell me what's good and bad about it? From the experimental data, the molar concentration is approximately 0.860 mol/L ± 0.8 mol/L. The theoretical molar concentration is approximately 0.83 mol/L. This supports the hypothesis since the theoretical molar concentration is comparable to the experimental molar concentration. It was possible to use stoichiometry in order to solve for the concentration of acetic acid. Using the molar concentration formula, the mole number of NaOH (aq) was determi
  13. I have a few general questions about ib labs and it would be really great if you guys could help me out! 1) If I take the average of three measurements (all with uncertainties of +/- 0.1 mL), does the resulting average have the same uncertainty or would it be +/- 0.3 mL?? 2) Do we need to show little calculations/conversions between mL to L? 3) If my uncertainty is +/- 0.1, then that means a measurement should not be 10.66, but 10.7 right?
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