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  1. I answered lenin's policies, comparison between alexander 2nd and 3rd and why the central powers were defeated. I found it okay, better than my paper 2 at least, so i'm happy overall with it. Overall with my history it probably won't get me the 6 i wanted but i can't think about that now so i just need to get on with it.
  2. Yeh, possession of unauthorized material even if you had no intention of using it will likely end in disqualification for misconduct. I leave my phone in my bag so it doesn't come anywhere near the exam room, just so I'm extra sure I'm not going to get punished for bringing it by accident.
  3. Noticed a brief mention of CAS, you can claim a blog as CAS if it meets certain requirements, you should check the requirements out
  4. I thought it was 13:15 GMT? Oh..I was told 12:45 but it might be 13:15...:/
  5. Hey everybody, So in the middle of some good old procrastination I started thinking about what I'll do whilst waiting for my IB results to be released online and was wondering if anyone else had thought of what they'll be doing to pass the time? I'm fairly certain I'll be a nervous wreck, so I'll probably sit and watch tv after getting up as late as possible. But what about you guys? P.S Any old IB'ers can post what they did whilst waiting to find out their results
  6. The best thing to do is put it behind you for now and focus on your other exams. It would be worse to worry about this one and neglect your other subjects because you think you've already lost and then end up doing fine in your maths and not so well on your other subjects. Just try and forget about it (for now) and concentrate on getting the best on your other subjects. It's difficult to forget about something and not have it influence the rest of your revision but your IA is strong and if Paper 1 went well then chances are it will balance out. Good luck on the rest of your exams.
  7. Highlighters can be used to highlight parts of questions (if it helps) but can't be used to highlight your written work, as it won't scan in. Black or blue ink is permitted in the exam and a pencil that draws dark lines also (for diagrams). Geographers can use colored pencils, but I don't know to what extent. Good luck
  8. I make flashcards with the most important dates from the section I'm studying and on the back have brief explanation of what happened in that year and emphasize the importance event(s). I'm about to sit my official history exam and I've been struggling, but this seems to be helping.
  9. Sometimes (depending on how sick) it's best to do a split session or take the exams in November. It may sound really awful, but sometimes it's better to wait a little longer to finish and do better than do them now and not necessarily do as well because you're sick. Hope you feel better soon
  10. It's difficult to find a good knowledge for victim blaming, a couple that pop into my mind are "To what extent is victim blaming influencing society's general perception of rape and how does this influence the verdict?" or "To what extent is society responsible for victim blaming?" These might not be what you're looking for or way off point. The best way to go about it is to find key points of controversy in your presentation and base the knowledge issues around that. When it comes to finding knowledge issues, it does tend to form in the mind easier when there is something that has two sides
  11. Okay, so I came across this website today; www.truthaboutib.com It basically criticizes the IB and calls it 'unconstitutional', but I'm wondering.. Do you think IB is that bad? They criticize that it promotes risk-taking and things like that but I think the IB is hard but prepares students for the difficulties of independent learning in University. But what do you all think?
  12. They should give you Creativity for it, but it might have meet certain requirements.
  13. Read around the topic, alot. I read before I started writing the first draft then I continued doing it throughout. It might sound boring but reading old EE's is really useful, it gives you a general idea about what's good and what's bad. Teachers probably tell you this all the time but the marking criteria is important too. I found myself using it to get better structure. Plans help too, even if it's vague, just knowing what ideas you want to go where helps you structure it in your mind and makes it alot easier to write. When it comes to actually writing it, do it in stages. Finish a stage,
  14. I think it''s do-able, the best thing to do might be to try to write up a brief summary of the arguments you would use and decide whether you have enough to create a good HI. I did that when trying to decide my topic and I found I was writing multiple summaries because I kept realizing the topic was too narrow and didn't allow for a large enough scope to create a good, well-analysed 2,000 words HI.
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