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  1. So Paper Two I felt even crappier There was a sneaky question where they wrote variance I didn’t book it so I probably got the question wrong on like 1 out the however many marks it was Also for the water wheel question I did it correctly until the derivative set it equal to positive 0.5 and got the t value graphed the original found the height and looked for the same height in the 30s got 10.6 one of the right answers and the second was wrong I know I messed up after the derivative how many marks do you think ill get out of 6, as I did the process correct to an extent and got one of the two r
  2. yes i think so because they give you many marks for instance if they said find the detrminant of A and you wotr det(A) you get a mark as it dicussed on the study guide you may even be able to get a 4 and dont worry you can redo the exam next year - well as far i know i dont know how your school works dont worry!!!! wait until JULY 6
  3. so what do other people think about my situation
  4. What I say doesn't matter, only IB has the real answer But wasn't that part only out of 1? or 2? I know some people who drew a line for the VELOCITY function. And then shaded the area under that. Now that doesn't make sense. Don't worry about it... The reason why I'm curious about the exam is because I still have more math to go. I have a whole unit of math left to learn after exams! And then I'm taking data management next year! Plus I kind of like math now EDIT Yeah I did do the double angle formula. See: 2 cosx=sin2x 2cosx=2sinxcosx 2cosx/cosx=2sinxcosx/cosx 2=2sinx 2/2=sin x sinx=1 x=
  5. but for the trig it had cos x = something and sin x= something so i got 3 answers for each my answers might have been repetitive as i forgot to put them together and also if i had extra answers does that mean they will take off marks?? Ok actually I'm trying to remember and I think the problem was 2cosx= sin2x Here's how I solved it: 2cosx/cosx=2sinxcosx/cosx 2=2sinx sinx=1 x= pi/2, 5pi/2 I don't know, that could be wrong. Could someone check it? For me in my mind right now, all my answers are correct unless proven wrong. I can live with an 89/90, until July, when I find out my (much lower
  6. i get what you mean about not being able to draw a displacement graph on a velocity and time axis but doesn't it make sense as they said to sketch on the graph so i did i know many people shaded it in but i know some who drew a line too so doesnt it make sense or not at all (be thruthful) i wont feel more crappier
  7. but for the trig it had cos x = something and sin x= something so i got 3 answers for each my answers might have been repetitive as i forgot to put them together and also if i had extra answers does that mean they will take off marks??
  8. SO Paper one for the Math Exam First of all, when I walked out I felt SUPER crappy The last velocity and accelerations question was dam hard I forgot to add in the domain as they stated and they said either “sketch” or show one of them for the displacement function and some people shaded it while I drew the line for the displacement function I am not sure who is correct Also for the vectors question they asked to find cos x and I didn’t simplify and added wrong= which carried forward to find the sin x I don’t know if ill get the marks and I also had the sin x equal a positive and negative as
  9. i just wanted to start discussing my exam here. So i am in the Tome Zone 1 region as i live in North America. Paper one was yesterday and i was wondering how everyone found it there was a 'p' question about the range of k, what did people get?? the last question about the graphs how did you draw it? i drew a cubic but forgot the domain how many marks will be taken off b/c i forgot the domain and for the intergral did they say show the intergral on the graph or sketch i just wanted to know as i felt they werent very precise as i drew a line for the displacement while some people shaded at the b
  10. i thought so too that the integration can be drawn as a line or the area underneath so i am kinda confused i have a very important question is error carried forward in the math exam for instance in the vectors question i messed up with finding the cos x as i messed up a small addition and which had to be carried over to find sin x the question was out of 6 or 8 how many marks would i get?? also for the question 10 i forgot to add the domain how many marks will be taken off??
  11. hi aren't you time zone 2 though which means you had a different paper It was to do with a velocity function...don't remember the exact equation but it was a cosine function. What did everyone do when it said to show D (the displacement) on the graph? Did you just shade under the velocity curve or did you actually draw the displacement function? I shaded under the curve yep thatz what i am wondering about did it say SHOW or SKETCH does anyone remeber hey guys, i have a quick question what if you get a level 6 on paper 2 and 7 on paper 1 and a high 5 on the IA's what would you get overall??
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