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  1. Granted but now you fail school because you spend all your time playing sports. I wish it was tomorrow.
  2. Granted but you hate it and don't want to write about it. I wish I had a larger bookshelf so everything would fit.
  3. Like a few others on this forum, I go to a public school. In my county, we have 6 elementary schools, one middle school and one highschools. The elementary schools all participate in PYP and every student does it. The middle school and the first two years of high school (so 6-9) have required MYP. So once again, every student participates. When DP begins (in 11th grade) students can choose to take classes. Anyone who wants to can. Students can also just take certificates. Not many choose to take the full programme. The graduating class of 2011 had 183 graduates total and 8 of those graduated f
  4. Granted but now you have a test in every other class. I wish highschool didn't suck
  5. Granted but now you have a lot of motivation and there is nothing to do. I wish I could learn Biology by osmosis
  6. Granted but now you wake up late and miss school I wish I had more money
  7. Granted but you pass out and drown. I wish I hadn't spent the afternoon alone today.
  8. Granted, but then everyone sings the song 'Friday' and even though you love that song you grow to hate it and the day in general. I wish I could magically get 100% in every class
  9. Granted but now you regret all the decisions you make I wish I could fins motivation for these last few days of school
  10. [[Hahahha I totally knew someone was going to respond that!]] Granted but they get stuck on your feet and you can't get them off. I wish I had a smoothie.
  11. Granted but you eat so many that you no longer like pineapples. I wish my mum didn't drive me crazy
  12. Granted but now you like sleeping so much that you can't bear to be awake and you never return to school when it resumes. I wish my spanish grade didn't just drop.
  13. Granted, but you become so great at managing them that you have ten at once and they all find out and get mad and dump you, then you have none. And no one else will date you because they heard all about it. Bummer I wish he liked me instead of her.
  14. Granted but over those breaks you forget everything you've learned previously. I wish I could be valedictorian.
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