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  1. I absolutely hate calculus and i do discrete maths as my option (did) but there is loads of stuff you have to memorize, like he said the proofs are incredibly difficult and theres like nothing in the data booklet for us
  2. I agree proofs under graph theory can be a nightmare Im hoping for minimum spanning tree, system of linear congruences, base representations, diaphantine equations and a divisibility proof with PMI would be awesome but obviosuly graph theory needs to come up as well a bit more best of luck to you too and everyone else
  3. Hey, so what do people think will be in the paper 3 DM this year?
  4. Yeah it does - and true physics coming up!! but i need to concentrate on maths p3 and english p2 first
  5. Hey, does anyone have links or webs for me to get past paper after 2008? I cant find any until 2008 and would like to get some more. would really appreciate it Thanks!
  6. Hey, I also do discrete maths. its not likely because in the exam theres only 5 questions. BUT...there are occasional PMI questions and mostly its the original method but if it involves inequalities you might have to use strong induction for that. too hard to tell really but i would prepare a bit for it just in case. On another note does anyone have a link to past papers after 2008 cause i cant find any this is for discrete maths
  7. I panicked so much during both papers cause it turned out that my geo teach didnt know about the changes in the paper and syllabus for 2011 and only taught me the older stuff, i only found out when i started the exam some stuff was similar but some stuff i didnt learn about and had to just use common sense. i at least answered everything so i hope it goes alright
  8. When it comes to the boundaries supposedly theyre going to make it even lower than last year, like around 60% a 7. My physics teacher, also ib coordinator, told me this and that even though we all thought we messed it up and **** we should still come out with decent grades. im praying like mad that this will happen cause that was indeed the hardest papers ive ever seen and i did all of the past papers since 2007.
  9. Absolutely Ill write once Im back home thanks again so much and good luck to you too !! xx
  10. Ill see what i can do, Youve been great help thank you soo much fellow ib student
  11. Well what I learnt was technically this option cause i studied lithospherics which involved earthquakes, volcanoes and mass movement, i havent studied hurricanes, droughts or the other. My other option is coasts
  12. well the text book which i have is the planet geography, last updated 2007. thats the only one i have i have this other book but its for A levels
  13. Hey again, Im really sorry but is there by any chance some kind of sites that can help with some of these topics. Cause now i really AM panicking - soo much of this **** was not included in what i learnt!
  14. Im SL too You are an absolute saint!! You might just about have taught more than the 2 years my teacher did. thanks a lot! and good luck again you and me will conqour that paper
  15. Thank you! This really helps, so I know now not to waste my time with mapping and just concentrate on hazards and coasts. My teacher only found out when i told him after doing the exam lol - hes an awesome teacher but sucks wioth the whole IB stuff, you have no idea how long it took to sort out the internal assessment to fit the requirements Well if youre also doing Geo P2 tomorrow then i wish you the best of luck, I know ill need it
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