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  1. Results in and although I didn't get my predicted, i'm a happy boy! French B HL - 7 Geography HL - 7 Chemistry HL - 4 (So glad I passed!) English A1 SL - 7 Music SL - 7 Mathematics SL - 6 (So close to a 7 too) EE in French B - A (SHOCKER!) TOK - C (Shocker but in the complete other sense; I was sure I would get an A. So a total of 40
  2. Well done to everyone for getting their results and doing so well! I still have to wait two hours, and i'm so scared right now!
  3. I took the prose but cannot remember what I wrote about - English Paper 1 seems like such a long time ago now
  4. Paper 1 was okay. I found it a little simple at times that I questioned my answers, but I think it went fine. Paper 2 was really chilled; I was happy with the questions - espeically with the Fresh Water unit. My other two units werew Geo of Food and Health and Urbanization. As for Paper 3, I picked the last question and I reckon I aced answer A but for Answer B i'm pretty unsure as I wasn't too clear on cultural diffusion and hence didn't have really convincing case studies to back up my statements. Oh well, it's done now and luckily Paper 2 takes the heighest weighting in the final exam
  5. Yes for the Magnificat piece I also identified it as a piece of Baroque music. I honestly loved this exam so much - it ended up being my favorite one out of all of the exams that I took; it stayed within the syllabus and didn't ask obscure questions as with Maths or Chemistry IB Music all the way!
  6. The test was so much harder than I had presumed. Well Section A I think I got everything right but honestly, I blanked out in Section B - it was so difficult. I'm really hoping for low grade boundaries and that my Paper 1 grade and my portfolios will balance out my performance in Paper 2
  7. lets do this; math sl exam in about 2 hours!!
  8. For a seven, you need at least 78/90. So you can afford the get lower on one paper, but if you're in the 90-95/100% zone then you're on top of it
  9. With my exams coming just around the corner, i'm very cynical of the IB, but I do agree with most elements with this video - well, other than the EE being 'fun'
  10. I'm 17 and still will be 17 when I graduate from the IB
  11. Simon


    Hey man, I got into Vassar ED so it all worked out
  12. I've taken my subject tests too now and I got: Japanese with Listening: 800 French: 760 Maths Type 1: 730 Done with the SAT for good now. Awesome
  13. Well, at least in my case my studying really varies because I have some pretty coast-by weeks where I'm not given much work or tests and thus only do about an hour a day (or less). Then, there's days where I have surmounts of work and then it's about 5 hours per day (during the week). Hmm on average I think 2 hours is a pretty reasonable bet, and you should do fine at that level. Good luck with your two years of IB!
  14. Out of your selection above, i'd say the hardest subject is definitely English A1 HL. In general, I believe that the hardest four subjects are: English A1 HL, Mathematics HL, Chemistry HL and Physics HL. But then again, it depends a lot on where your strengths lie. E.g whether you perform better in time-consuming subjects or more practically challenging subjects. Good luck with your two years of IB; I personally think you've picked a well-balanced set of classes
  15. Sociology, Criminology, Anthropology, Human Geography
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