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  1. HL Subjects: 6, 6, 6. SL Subjects: 7, 6, 5. EE: A TOK: C Total: 38/45. Feeling pretty bad about TOK, because getting a B would've pushed me to a 39, but hey, can't complain with a 38 I guess.
  2. I see, well then congrats on your perfect score!
  3. Hello there. For my photosynthesis lab last year I did an experiment like yours, but the factor I was experimenting with was the amount of baking soda added. Yes, that was very simplistic for a lab report at HL level.. Yours is pretty similar to the one I did, so I'm going to give you my opinion. I think as long as your teacher thinks its fine for you to go with this experiment, you should trust in what she says. Remember, it also depends on the way your lab report is written, along with your quality of analysis. I tried out another experiment where I placed an aquatic plant in solutions of d
  4. How did you guys get your results so early? I've got to wait one more day for mine
  5. Okay.. well I've never been in your situation (probably because I haven't taken the exam yet) but i'll try to give some advice. If I'm not wrong your paper 1 marks are 15? If you need a 16 to get a 6, you could try for a remark. You never know what might happen. I've heard of a few people who managed to move up a grade boundary thanks to a remark. However, you are definitely not guaranteed a 6. Looking at that fact that you got a 15 which is really close to a 6 - i'd say it's very unlikely that you'd move DOWN a grade boundary, so the worst thing that could happen is that you remain at a 5?
  6. Hot because your country is supposedly Tanzania?!! I've always wanted to visit Africa one day. Oh, and you also get cool points for having luffy as your display pic =D
  7. I was in a relationship throughout my first year of IB. We broke up a month before IB2 started, during the end-of-year break. That breakup caused me to lose a lot of time that could be spent studying, instead it was spent moping around in sadness. I am still in the process of moving on, and it has not been easy because I still see him every day in school. We do not speak to each other anymore. Anyway, my opinion is that if you want to be in a relationship during the IB years, be fully aware of the possibility of a "post breakup depression." Once you are aware that you will be emotionally affe
  8. Thank you so much, what you said about how I answer the question is correct. I used to memorize most of the things for my tests but I still end up getting grade 4-5 while my friends who studied less gets grade 6!!! It's frustrating, but I'll take note of your suggestions.
  9. I'm taking my exams in November 2012, and I'm really worried for my B&M grades. Can anyone suggest tips on how to get at least a grade 6 in this exam? The textbook is so thick and there seems to be so much to remember just for the exam :/ Help!
  10. So I should just focus on changing the pH levels? For that to be done I'd have to use different chemicals with the pH ranges of let's say 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 right? Just clarifying, my biology is pretty weak :/
  11. How about if I used an aquatic plant? Do you think the baking soda idea is suitable for an IA title? By leaving it underwater, I could use a method of measuring photosynthesis by counting the bubbles produced... but is there another way? Like some sort of electrical device that you've used before in your experiments perhaps..?
  12. Okay, I shall go and look up on pH levels of Ribulose bisphosphate =) I have also came up with another idea for my experiment: Different amounts of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) on the rate of photosynthesis. This would be done by adding 5 different amounts of baking soda into about 300ml of water, and then leaving the plant in there to photosynthesize. However, the problem here is how would I measure the rate of photosynthesis by leaving the plant submerged in water? =/ Any ideas? I'm really stuck on how I should measure the production of gases. Is there a kind of device that can help me m
  13. I have a few days to come up with a research question on Photosynthesis. So far, I have came up with 2 ideas that may or may not be very good.. =/ 1. pH on the rate of photosynthesis. The problem with this one is how I would actually carry out the experiment. I'd need 5 different pH values, and I intend to use 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. I need suggestions on what chemicals should I add to get the mentioned pH values.. help anyone? 2. I was thinking since Ribulose bisphosphate is an important component in photosynthesis, is there any sort of chemical/enzyme i can add into the experiment that'll either inc
  14. iPhone! It's more user-friendly, and you can still check your e-mails, set reminders and whatnot. It's great for entertainment and surfing the internet. Games are fun as well. However having too much fun with it will drain it's battery so quickly.
  15. I'm 17, and i'm starting my second year of IB in 5 days
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