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  1. i had my art exam about 2 weeks ago, and oooh my it was amazing! i came out of the room crying of joy and so many other emotions! i had no idea what to expect, but my art examiner was so nice and down to earth, she wanted to know everything about me personally and my art works and everything about them from inspirations to the process, i was told the exam goes for 45 minutes but because there were only 2 students in my class including me, i was second to go and we spoke for about 2 hours, it was the best thing ever soooo happy with it! so really my advice is just be you, know and be confident
  2. i stuffffed up ive heard retakes are possible, does anyone know information on this? thank youuuuuu
  3. hot because you can speak arabic
  4. Does the IB compensate for any death experienced to a student?- like if a family member or someone close passes? In Australia, in public schools I know during their schooling (HSC) if someone is effected by death they gain like an extra 4 points on their ATAR (which is out of 100) i was just curious if the IB do anything similar? any information would be helpful, thank you
  5. please fill this easy survey out for my IA http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RC97BBR thank you so much
  6. Every time i have exams or tests, my body malfunctions and my immune system decides to have a break and i get the flu/ cold/ sore throat etc, My mum says its completely stress related, which makes sense but I was just curious if this happens to anyone else and if you have any special way of dealing with it. I hate having to deal with an illness when i should be studying, but I put my health over my education. My goal is to avoid being sick throughout May, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  7. granted but you cannot start it again and become the only live person in the world i wish i had more time
  8. school day- depends on my work load and how tired I am usually around 12 and wake up at 6am sometimes i sleep at 8 and wake up at 3am to work on weekends depends if i go out or not usually around 2-3am and wake up by 10 and nap later in the day
  9. 1. What is your real name? Madison Grace Rodd 2. Where are you from? I'm from Australia but i moved to Dubai when i was 16 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? googling for help for my TOK presentation 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I read a bunch of topics and everyone seemed so friendly and open to helping out 5. When did you (approximately) register here? March 2011 6. What is your favourite IB subject? IB ART, though i wish it were my only subject because if i had more time i would spend alll my time in the art rooms 7. When are you graduating? June 2012 (YAY) 8. What are
  10. that johnny english one, it was funny on a scale of one to ten (one being not at all and ten being super dooper) how dedicated are you to IB?
  11. haha this book is so boring there are no summaries! and i live in dubai... we dont have libraries haha but thank youuu
  12. I'm stresssing out! i have actually begun all of my pieces but haven't finish the majority of them due to lack of art supplies or just because i wanted to start a new one haha.. i have a very short attention span and with my IWB its so much easier said then done, i think i spend too much time on each page, do you, Jaymi have any tips? you seem so relaxed haha teach me!
  13. can anyone help me? I'm currently reading Bosnian Chronicles by Ivo Andric and I (personally) find it very very very very very boring and I just can't get into really liking it plus wanting to read it I can read a whole page and then realise i wasn't paying attention... if that makes any sense, haha i have to write summaries on every chapter as well so i have to read this book also i may be using for my WL 2 so does anyone have any tips or ideas on reading a boring book? thank you
  14. Not sure how to list them or whatever, but i do school soccer and i've never played before, i made 1000 paper cranes and got my school involved to raise money of the victims of the Tsunami in Japan, which was lots of fun and went to Ethiopia for a week with 10 other people and we made taps and accessible water and this trip seriously changed my life, it was so amazing!
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