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  1. Biology is boring. The only people I know who "like it" are those who are really bad at chemistry/physics. Biology HL is incredibly boring, and all but few topics (evolution ) are incredibly dull and pure memorizing. But hey, if you like it, take it. Physics is at least intellectually challenging.
  2. I got 0.6 micrometers for the drawing. It's bird wing and fish pin for sure on that MC. Cristae/inter-membrane space should both be correct answers unless the line went to the membrane but not to the center (i don't remember). Cristae is for sure a correct answer. Causes of sickle cell anemia was a weird question(for 9 points if I remember well). It was hard for me to come up with all those marking points :/
  3. I wrote that it's wrong and that in fact opposite can be concluded, and then explained by stating the data. (I don't really remember what it was, but it seemed simple)
  4. Hmm, I failed to notice that the question asks for increased subsidy. However, I labeled the curves as S1 and S2 simply. I guess that means I still get full points?
  5. That temperature - about 3500K if i remember well. That MC - carbon fixation
  6. Only one guy in my school did #4. It's silly how you can completely omit studying a part of the syllabus and still be 99% sure that you can get a 7
  7. Just look at a vaccination example from a book / the internetz. It's basically the same thing.
  8. I got the same as well, and I'm quite sure it's right unless I understood the wording wrong (I triple checked calculator work). However, I didn't sketch the graph. My answer to a 7 mark question was just "4 < X < 5.20" :/ I hope the markscheme says something like N5
  9. You have to extrapolate for heat loss AFAIK. My error was low, something like 3 or 5%, don't remember correctly.
  10. I was disappointed by the ****loads of soil/water questions. Nothing on global warming or ozone depletion . Ksp i'm not sure i did right. I basically wrote Ksp = [Ag] [Cl], inserted values and solved for [Cl]. Same for the other one. I have no clue if this is right. Anyone knows?
  11. second-last question? It was B indeed Actually your first equation is wrong. S and O are in the same oxidation state, so 2Sb2S3 + 902 = 6SO2 + 2Sb2O3 and then 2Sb2O3 + 3C = 4Sb + 3C02 (at least i wrote so)
  12. I found something like -73 kJ/mol... But yeah I got really confused with the first question of the second page: calculate the amount of water (in mol) in the CuSO4.5H2O sample ... Did anyone get this right? I got the same -73 for whatever that was (the question with calculating error at the end). The one I referred to was propene, hydrogen, and propane, enthalpy of hydrogenization. Anyone remember the right answer (-/+ 80 or 120) ? I got 0.125 mol for water (and 0.025 mol for whatever it was in first question).
  13. TZ2 is 8 questions and last one was organic. I did 6 and 8, and liked it quite well. That last question was designed for me, it should be 25/25. The third bracket question was complex copper ion, I didn't know the exact meaning so I just made up something. The enthalpy in section A (calculated from formation enthalpies), was it 80ish, 120ish, -80ish or -120ish? My brain just couldn't focus for that one, but ECF should give me the rest of the points if I did it wrong.
  14. So how was it people? Anyone liked the brackets, antimony and lots of energetics?
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