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  1. hi. im planning to do an experiment on how different colors of light affect photosynthesis. i will be using floating leaf disc but im not sure how to do the light. should i add food coloring in the water for red, green, blue and violet color? or would it be okay to cover the lamp with colored transparent paper? btw, do i need to include pictures in my PSOW? cuz im planning to do the experiment at home using ordinary cups. any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi. I'm writing an IA for international economics and I want to make sure that I understand the news correctly. If peru signed an free trade agreement with costa rica and panama, would this be a free trade area or a preferential trade area? This is the news: http://www.fis.com/fis/worldnews/worldnews.asp?l=e&country=0&special=&monthyear=&day=&id=42638&ndb=1&df=0 I'm also planning to write about trade creation. Is it suitable? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. What are some advantages of a country specializing manufacturing products over primary products?
  4. hi. can anyone please send me past biology papers for May 2011? i need SL papers 1,2,3 for TZ1 and TZ2 as well as the MS so i could prepare for my mock exam. i have found some papers but its incomplete. any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. what exactly is the difference between capital widening and capital deepening? are they both increasing producivity by increasing the amount of capital? or through improvement in technology? im a bit confused
  6. hi. im having problem finding a suitable magazine source for my economics IA. most of the magazines such as business week already contains analysis of the issue. can anyone tell me some good magazine sources which i can find online? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  7. I'm doing an EE in History my RQ is: Were John Rabe's efforts in saving the lives of the Chinese during the Nanking Massacre successful? Here's the problem most of the sources i found only states wht he did to protect the Chinese from atrocities committed by the Japanese army but no criticisms about him at all how am i able to make an argument out of this? wht should i do? is it too late to change my topic? my exam is on may 2012
  8. Lu Xun

    I need help

    my teacher is too busy and i think she forgot to check my personal statement. is there anyone who is willing to check my personal statement and comment on it? i would be very grateful.
  9. no one knows i have selective mutism not even my parents i heard that representatives from the IB organization would visit schools n watch students do their IOC if this is true then im screwed
  10. no matter how many times i practiced my OP at home, i always messed up at school im terrified. idk wht to do
  11. Is there any chance for someone with selective mutism to pass IB and get into a university?
  12. I personally don't think that a decrease in inflation <=> decrease in price. for example: initial general price level = $50 after quarter 1 = $60 after quarter 2 = $70 after quarter 3 = $80 after quarter 4 = $90 after quarter 5 = $95 after quarter 6 = $100 after quarter 7 = $105 that. since quarter 5, there's a decrease in inflation. but it's still inflation now, after quarter 8 = $95 after quarter 9 = $85 after quarter 10 = $75 after quarter 11 = $65 now that is deflation. that's what I think. if anyone could confirm it, that would be great. decreasing IR is a demand side monetary polic
  13. A decrease in inflation = decrease in price. Deflation = decrease in price. Does this mean that a decrease in inflation is the same as deflation? What would be the effect of decreasing the bank's interest rate on inflation?
  14. I need to write a 500 words essay about "why I chose business management major at X university as a stepping stone for my career" and I'm not sure how to write this. Should I just focus on the reasons for choosing the major? If I included life experiences and achievements at school, would it still be related to the topic of the essay? What are some other things that can be included? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  15. I'm doing statistics for my math IA. The topic is gender vs. amusement park rides preference (4 choice of rides). What are the requirements for Math Studies IA? Is a 2x4 table enough? How many ppl should be involved in the survey?
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