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  1. Here is a topic that our class got for 1500~2000 words long essay: "Analyse the circumstances that allowed Lenin and the Bolsheviks to come to power and establish a single-party state." Can anyone help me out with how to start on this? We are required to have at least three published sources (articles, books, etc.) and one online.
  2. The reason I'm looking for PDF textbooks is because I'm going to buy an iPad 2 so that I can have IB textbooks with me on the iPad wherever I go. The weird thing is, there is a sample of IB Biology SL and HL, for Chapter 1 and 2. They even have it on their website. Since it didn't look anything like a scanned PDF, I was starting to wonder why they didn't release a PDF version (piracy might be an option, but it's a pain in the ass to carry 5 different textbooks just to study them.)
  3. Hi all. I was wondering if there were any IB textbok PDFs or eBooks available (digital copies.) I've been searching around for quite some time with no luck. Here are the books that I'm looking for: Biology SL Math SL Or is it not available as a PDF format because it's an IB textbook? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I just want to push myself, which I've been doing for my Fresh/Soph years. I'll try it, and if I choke, I'll drop Architecture
  5. Hey all. As you can see on my Sig, I have total of 7 classes to take, Architecture being the last one. Honestly, I wanted to take Architecture as HL course, but due to schedule issues, I couldn't. Has anyone took 7 IB classes? What's it like having 7th class? Does the college care if you take 6 IB classes (3HL/3SL or 4HL/2SL) with one extra or not?
  6. I hope I'm not making any confusion just from the topic title. What I'm trying to ask you is, does the extended essay subject (e.g. Biology, History, Math, etc) have to be the one that you are willing to major once you get into university, or would you recommend it to be? I've read the sticky, but I didn't get the direct answer. It only said choose something that interests you. The thing is, I want to become a dentist, but also very interested in History more than Biology at my school. I'm a rising Junior, so it's not like I'm in a trouble yet. Any suggestions? BTW, my previous post about Bio
  7. Hey all. I'm going to be a rising Junior in less than 48 hours, and extended essay has been worrying me for last couple of days. Being a computer geek that I am, I figured out that computer classes that my school provides isn't really enough for me to learn any new things, so I took Architecture instead (There weren't really interesting classes to choose other than Architecture, trust me.) Since my dream is to be a dentist (or a computer engineer), I figured writing EE on Biology will help me out a lot. As I stated earlier, I'm a computer geek not a Bio/Science nerd (I'm not offending anyone,
  8. Ooops, I was copying and pasting the same thread that I posted on Biology section. Biology and History are two of the topics that I love, but fear the most, lol. 1) Thanks for your reply. For writing an IA topic, does that mean that one could get a head start, if s/he thinks that the topic will definitely be approved by the teacher at the moment? 2) Yes, I've used memorization quite a lot in my Sophomore Japanese History class. I usually spend about 4 hours two days before the big test, and 8 hours the day before (but constantly taking notes from the textbook everyday.) I guess I'll use the sa
  9. Hello. I'm a rising Junior, and I want to ask you few questions: 1) Will the World History SL IA topic be given by the IB HQ or the teacher or our choice? 2) How do you exactly study history? Just plain memorization? Or any other techniques that you can recommend me? (I go by plain memorization, but that's time consuming.) 3) What should I do to make sure I can get A on History and 6 or 7 on the IB exam? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello. I'm a rising Junior, and I want to ask some "bio-freaks" a few questions 1) Will the Bio SL IA topic be given by the IB HQ or the teacher or is it our choice? 2) How do you exactly study bio? Just plain memorization? 3) What should I do to make sure I can get A on Bio and 6 or 7 on the IB exam? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all. I'm a rising Junior, and I'll be taking Biology SL in my Junior year and HL in my Senior year, alongside with other IB subjects. I've got the textbook that I will learn next year, because I've been too tempted to study it Are there any good podcasts out there that can help me learn these? If there isn't one, then I'll just study it by myself. For your information, here is an Amazon link for the book that I have currently, http://www.amazon.com/Biology-Standard-Level-Heinemann-Baccalaureate/dp/0435994271
  12. Hey guys, I'm sorry if this post will interrupt any of your conversation/questions. I'm currently in sophomore year, and our teacher, who also teaches IB Math SL, told us to do a Math IA that the juniors did this year to see how well we do. Well, I was stuck from place to place, so I came here and it helped a lot. However, our teacher told us that for part 3 and part 4, we have to use TWO different methods to get the equation that models the points. I read somewhere on this thread that we could use regression and matrices to get it. I've solved the regression part using cubic formula. Can anyo
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