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  1. What is the unit of measurement? If we go by hours, Pride and Prejudice. It has been lying on my nightstand for years, and I keep having to start over and over again because I forget everything I read as soon as I fall alseep. If we consider pages, then the answer is whichever of the Harry Potter books have the greatest amount of pages
  2. I spent the week designated to writing the first draft of the EE + a couple of days after summer before the deadline. I never worked more than a few hours a day. I did litterature, though... Not the hardest of the EE subjects.
  3. I knew someone who pulled an all nighter just to fall asleep right before school started and consequently missed the test:D
  4. I know most of the students who graduated with the best IB results in my school never pulled an all nighter. Many stayed up late, untill 4-5, but usually went to bed around midnight. It is possible to procrastinate quite a lot without it resulting in an all nighter, too.
  5. If you concentrate om your IAs you will pick up many skills that will help you in your exam, even if the nature of the tasks are different. It helps you understand the subject as a whole better. People who do well in their IAs tend to do well in their exams. If I hadn't learned to be so damned metricious in my physics IAs I think my physics exams would have gone to hell.
  6. If you want to take maths SL or HL you need to have achieved certain grades in maths before to qualify. They won't even let you try if they don't think you can handle it. They also won't let you in to the IB if you are doing it for the wrong reasons, you submit a sort of personal statement with your grades. I don't think thats universal in the IB:/ Oh, and we have no group six subjects. Art apparantly isn't very important. Taking both Physics and Chemistry, however, is.
  7. I got a 1 or a 2 (out of 6) on a maths test once. I don't remember the details, only that within a year I had several 7s from IB SL maths and wanted to rub them in the face of the teacher who said I wouldn't do well in maths. The only 6 I got in SL maths was on my final exam, and I still don't get how I got 87% and not a 7.
  8. How do you read under the covers without suffocating to death? I've always tried that and I always come out thinking I'm going to die. Share tips pls. Snorkel/ Make small tunnel from the middle of the bedcover to the end/ Use thin bedcovers/ Come up for air when you are about to faint (i.e. before you die). If you want it enough, you'll make it work
  9. This isn't strictly IB-related, but I have witnessed a student get full marks at an written exam by one examiner and no marks by another. (He wrote a poem that was, in my opinion, awesome). I don't think the IB marchscheme allows for that kind of extreme diffrences, but there are bound to be some variations when subjects like history, language etc. are marked. Remarks or not.
  10. I prefer to read books on my phone. You can read under the bedcovers without a flashlight or without worrying about overheating any machinery. I also buy paperbacks of all the books I really love, just so I can look at them on the shelf and be reminded of all the good times. Edit: I would use real books for academic reading though.
  11. I wrote a paper on gingerism a couple of years ago, focusing on gingerism in the UK. I thought the situation sounded really awful as I am such a ginger-lover myself. I think it is such an interesting topic, but since I lack exposure to redheads I thought I'd take advantage of the IB student body being as international as it is and ask about your experiences from where you live. Do you think gingerism/teasing gingers acceptable in some social circles where you live? Have you ever seen redheaded people get picked on because of the colour of the hair? (For those of you who don't know, gingerism i
  12. I don't think anyone has mentioned any weekend routines. Does nobody work during the weekend?
  13. I think extroverts miss out on certain things in life just as introverts do. And I get the whole "missing out on relationship-argument", but I would just like put it out there and remind people that the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. If that relationship is bad, any other you venture into will be affected too. Also, you would have to be a very extreme introvert to not hang out with people at all. I like other introverts because they are low-maintenance. You can not see them for a long while and still pick it up exactly where you was when you l
  14. I'd add some Harry Potter/litterature inspired emoticons. When you leave the IB there won't be room for geekery like that.
  15. If I had a Mac I would have to constantly teach people how to do the simplest of things if they were to ever use the machine. Not bothered to do that! Also, I only use my computer to write and research. I do everything else on my beloved phone (which isn't an Iphone). <3 And I love virus programs! Doing a thorough search feels like having my soul cleansed It just makes life better. Oh, and I hate that the icons at the bottom of the screen on a Mac that moves and jumps around. I want my desktop to be stationary! It make me feel like this ->
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