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  1. hey, i just wanted to know what you guys thought of the exam for people in TZ1, i know we cannot discuss about paper 2, but i found paper 1 rather easy, there was some confusion about number 10, but i got t=5pi/6
  2. Can anyone please post the outline of the type 2. Like in the type 1, someone posted a guide/outline as to what we should include in the portfolio and in order. Thank you
  3. Hey guys, i just got my internal assessment today. I really did not understand anything that the assignment says. However after reading this post I have noticed that there are some ideas of the general statement being a^x or ax What is this whole idea behind Taylor's Expansion, i looked it up online and it seems to be the answer to the whole calculations to ultimately find the general statement. Is there anyone out there that could help me and give me a direction that I could follow thank you soo much.
  4. [quote name='Outré' timestamp='1304090986' post='112363'] [quote name='nobrega' timestamp='1304088238' post='112358'] man i do port A1 HL and so far i'm just finishing my first year but it has been so easy. But i dont know cause i'm in brazil and no one in my school has ever gotten a 7 on the port A1 HL [/quote] It's actually hard as hell man. é dificil como tudo ter 7. Eu também tou a acabar o 1o ano mas fogo... fazer um p1 bem feito é lixado! :| já fizeste os world lits?? [/quote] Ultimo ano no curso, teve alguns q
  5. Moderator - Merged from other topic: well no one wrote about it yet, I was wanting to know what people thought of it. I did question 1, about price control on foods in developing countries, question 3, about the Brazilian economy, and question 4, about the Australian car industry. I thought that question 1 and 4 were almost the same thing, especially the subsidy diagram. Both were pretty straight forward and fair. However I did question 3 for last and almost running out of time I don't think i did a good job. So what were your thoughts on general? i found it fair and also that both 1 and 4 we
  6. Ya the inflation graph with AD and SRAS was for part b, where you could also have used neo-classical to talk about how at LRAS there is full employment. The depreciation is simply just a shift to the left in demand on a supply and demand graph. its fine man you seem to have included all of the necessary stuff Did anyone refer to other countries and ceteris paribus in their paper 1?
  7. oh ya cause i had done the time zone 1 and was wanting to know if ppl found it hard
  8. same here, #3 talking about depreciation, in part a i talked about a fall in the demand, and in part B i also talked about the inflation cause and also that AD increases while SRAS decreases because it costs more to import. HOwever i missed out on some things, but i found it to be pretty straight forward
  9. oh same here, my physics SL teacher gives us the same as HL material. However, he told us the the IB exams for physics is super scaled, so out of 40 points if u get 25 its a 7
  10. sobre o que você falou no seu world lit?
  11. tok is useless, our teacher makes us read articles and respond to them in minimum 350 words, ugh and also the tok essays is so stupid, especially the questions for this year, ugh i wish tok was just a study block
  12. has any one had the paper 1 exam yet?
  13. man i do port A1 HL and so far i'm just finishing my first year but it has been so easy. But i dont know cause i'm in brazil and no one in my school has ever gotten a 7 on the port A1 HL
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