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  1. I did question 6 and 25 in paper 2. Overall it was the easiest paper i ever done. it was a pretty good paper.
  2. With reference to relevant research studies, to what extent does genetic inheritance influence behavior? How do I answer this question? I know i have to write a brief introduction about behavioural genetics and i also mention the human genome project in a brief sentence. Based on genetic research there are 3 studies: twin studies, family studies and adoption studies! How should i write them? What research studies should i put in I know i have to mention minnesota twin studies as an example for twin studies. So how about family studies and adoption studies? Which research studies should i us
  3. Hi, I have applied to Upenn, UChicago, University of Miami and British columbia. I didnt apply for financial aid. however, is there any history scholarship that is not associated with the universities. They will give scholarship for international students who applied for history major. is there any such scholarships that will give to international students like me?
  4. she's graduating in May 2012. We both are. But if she's upset about it, how is it the coordinator's decision is for her own good? its pretty funny. yes, she had it coming. I couldn't even stop her from doing mistakes that would cost her to drop into certificate. But i was wondering, if there is any chances where she could work hard in these 2 months and prove it to our IB coordinator?
  5. I was wondering if is it possible an IB coordinator can shift a diploma student to a certificate student? one of my good friends, she got shifted from diploma to a certificate. Is the IB coordinator allowed to do that? I admit it is partially her fault that she didn't work hard enough to be in a diploma. But she is willing to work hard now. Don't you think the IB coordinator should give her another chance to prove herself? Is there some kind of warning given to a student before an IB coordinator shifts a diploma to a certificate? If the IB coordinator decides to shift her to certificate? Can s
  6. I'm not doing AP or A levels. ok so i guess I'll stick to diploma. but i hope there are other alternative.
  7. I'm a diploma student. but lately i have been thinking to move to certificate. I will keep my subjects as the same i took in my diploma, but i don't want to do CAS, EE and TOK. My EE supervisor is pain in the ass. I have 5 different CAS supervisor for the past 2 years. Im graduating in May 2012. I have applied to University of Miami, University of Penn, University of Chicago and University of Washington, Tacoma. I was wondering if i move to certificate, will it affect my application process to universities? I'm also applying to university of toronto, mcqueen, british columbia and waterloo.
  8. My math teacher needs some kind of proof that the people who took the survey are actually IB students, and not ME. There are several cases in my school where students cheated. I ensure you that your name and email address will be kept as a private information. If it seems like a problem, then i guess i have to create a new survey. what do you think? should i create a new survey?
  9. Hi, If you guys won't mind, can you fill up my survey? i need to submit my math IA in a week. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/R5NJMLQ thank you for your time!
  10. Hi, Does anyone has a study of proactive inhibition or know where i can find one? i need help urgently.
  11. I'm totally addicted to vampire knight(TOTALLY AWESOME), death note( MORE AWESOME) and bleach.
  12. 7 i took maths studies. Q. What are your plans for the weekend?
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