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  1. English A Language and Literature HL: 7 Spanish A Literature HL: 6 History HL: 5 Math SL: 6 Philosophy SL: 6 Physics SL: 7 TOK: B EE History: B Dissapointed on the history and TOK mark, I was predicted a 6 and an A but I'm still super excited about my result. Congrats to everyone achieving those incredible results!
  2. I chose the first pair of texts and actually I thought it was very easy compared to the other texts, I didn't really know how to connect that Pakistani chicken with the other text lol. Humm, let me see, on the first pair of texts I tried to analyse in great detail how even though both texts had the same audience, which was people interested in visiting the imperial war museum, text 2 was more specific, aiming to catch the attention of people who didn't have much time to visit a place like this one due to their job. I also analyzed structure and the relationship both texts had regarding time an
  3. Go through past papers, you're very lucky since you don't have all your exams in the same month so don't worry. You'll be fine. Just revise with study guides and past papers. 28-30 is a lot of time for just one subject so yeah, you'll be likely to ace them
  4. Fluently: Spanish, english and french. And I understand some portuguese.
  5. You could substitute nuclear and quantum with astrophysics, it's pretty straightforward and there are LOOOTS of videos covering this option in youtube completely and at the same time loots of pages around the internet, it's one of the most chosen options
  6. Yeah, anything that happened in the past 10 years is not allowed. (Except sources off course) The 10 year rule is outlined in the section "Internal assesment details - SL and HL"
  7. History topics are not supposed to be about "contemporary events". If you're going to do something on history, you must do it on an event which happened at least 10 years ago, that makes 2003 the highest year you could consider on a historical essay. Regarding the title, what do you mean by "a comparison", do you mean, "how are the salem with trials (...) alike with today's modern cultural perceptions?"
  8. There are certain panels called "solar heating panels" which you might have to core topic in "climate change" that convert solar energy into thermal energy with no further energy conversions. Changing the material is not a very good idea, as you might be changing the volume, the density, etc... you are required to vary one thing and just ONE thing for a good EE. Maybe try changing the area of the solar heating panel? If you need help building one, just google it. Usually, solar heating panels do not actually boil the water but as the name states, they just heat it. If you were to boil water, t
  9. Try changing the nozzle transverse area for your independent variable to see how propulsion may vary in relation with the size of the radius. You can come up with a pretty interesting EE with this, considering other variables which might affect the water bottle rocket such as air resistance.
  10. I did one on refraction and Snell's law. I basically changed the concentration of sugar in water and did a lot of mathematical and physical procedures to show how it changed the refraction index of water. However, you could use any other thing! For example, jelly concentration or even viscosity or things like that. Refraction experiments are usually the easiest ones but you need to divide your lab into two which involves a lot of work. 1st. Measure angle of incidence and refraction in a medium, use snell's law and then the second part, compare it with your general independent variable, which i
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