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  1. Damn it, so close yet so far. I really feel like I haven't put nearly enough work as I should've into my exams, so I hope I do okay.
  2. Two of Tolstoy's works, War and Peace, and Anna Karenina, and I while the former was brilliant, I honestly found the latter extremely dull. Just my opinion though. I did also read an english translation of Alexandre Pere Dumas' The Vicompte of Bragelonne, but I'm not sure if that counts, as it was in three volumes. Although it's just one in the original French version.
  3. When it comes to written verse, I'd say my favorites are 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' by Coleridge, or Sylvia Plath's 'Daddy', which is slightly strange, considering I'm not a big Plath fan, but that poem is great. I do like spoken word too, and I'd seriously encourage listening to Sarah Kay and Project VOICE, that girl is awesome.
  4. Je dois donner mon prof mon oral preperation a demain, mon dieu...
  5. Hey guys, I'm doing my French oral on the law that France recently tried to pass that would make the denial of the Armenian genocide illegal. This has had repercussions, with both Turkey and Armenia, as they've now pulled it back for a bit. So I have a few points, but those mainly have to be minor, as most of the presentation is going to be based on what opinions I give her. My 'problematique' is "Est-ce que les gens devraient avoir le droit de croire ce qu'ils veulent?" Practically just means "do people have the right to believe anything they want?", even if it borders on hate crimes and/or i
  6. I was reading Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My English teacher told us of an interesting note of Pirandello's wife. She had suffered from a mental illness which made her violent towards him and their children, and eventually had to be institutionalized. He had previously refused to send her to one because a) He could not afford it b) He wanted to use her as inspiration What effect do you think her illness had on his writing and writing style? Or in fact, any author/poet/playwright who has had close ones afflicted with illnesses such as this? F
  7. I don't think its merely an Asian way, I think that its one of those stereotypes. I also have a caucasian friend whose mother treats him very harshly, all in the name of work. Admittedly not to the level of my Asian friend and he may be one of the exceptions to the "non-Asian's aren't pushed as hard" stereotype. But I think its because people associate high grades and hard work with Asians now. My own mother, for example was pushed really hard by her father when she was growing up, because they lived in a Malaysian village (kampung) in Sarawak (Borneo). They didn't have much money, and he gave
  8. I've always wanted to go to university in a place with 'culture'. No offence to Brits or Americans, I'm not by any means saying you don't have any, it's just not to my liking. I was thinking either Erasmus in Rotterdam, University of Utrecht, University of Mannheim or Waseda.
  9. Yeah, living in Singapore this sort of story is all too common here. Most parents would do crazy things to make sure their children go to certain schools (the elite ones) such as buy a new multi-million dollar house near that school or donate money towards it. Once their child gets their place there, they work the kid to the bone to make them THE best at what they do. I'm not Singaporean and don't go to a local school, so I've never been pushed to such extremes. Obviously not all parents are like that but there are a fair few mothers who are. One of my friends went to Raffles Institution (an '
  10. I recently read this article (it's in French, unfortunately, if you can't read it.) http://www.lactualit...rd-son-francais It displayed a few interesting points. Basically, it talks about how many young Tunisians in Tunisia nowadays have not picked up the ability to speak one of their national languages (French) and instead are reverting back to the Arabic language that was in place before the French colonized them. It seems that only those with rich parents, those with access to a private school have to learn French. Otherwise, it's not really considered important in school anymore. So my que
  11. ^ Bercakap bahasa? Saya akan menyertai
  12. Yep, they want a formula in which if you change n and r, you'll get the value you need. For the denominator, have you tried stat plotting the rows against the denominators? That's one of the first steps I took to solving it.
  13. A nice 182cm (6'0"). What a great round number. At least, around there.
  14. I learned English as a kid in kindergarden. It's easier to pick up as a kid I think, even if it wasn't my first language.
  15. I've got my general statement, and It's right. I'm happy for that but, now the hard part begins. I'm good with the math at its core, but am absolutely terrible with using technology to plot graphs and stuff. I've managed to explain everything up to question 6 with little problems. But I don't know how to do question 7 at all. I have it, but don't know how to explain how I got it. You know what I mean? Edit: MLIIB ^ Can you make a table? Make a table with 7 rows and 15 columns and then just fill it in. THen remove the borders of the table. Is that what you need? It's what I did.
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