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  1. Trust me both papers are damn hard The level of language is almost equivalent to some of the advanced students in Japan........ I showed my paper 1 sample paper to my Japanese friends but they were like "What the heck??"....
  2. I have been doing a number of sample ITGS test papers but I always stuck on paper 3, which is The theater booking system. I have done many researches but still my brain cannot get it. If there is any Tech expert in IB survival, please help me............ BTW: This is our first paper since the beginning of International School Nadi, so everything is unexpected....
  3. BTW what is Cyclical Trigonometry??..... is that the the function that involves Sin and Cos??
  4. Q9 and 10 may be based upon Calculus+Trigonometry+Area determination.....
  5. There is a new international undergraduate program called PEAK and I am planning to go for that program. However, I don't know the minimum IB requirement for going to Todai. Can anyone please tell me the minimum mark?? BTW: (I'm Japanese but I've been taught in English for the past 10 years) For those students who have been taking classes in english for 6 years are not in need of taking TOEFL....something like that
  6. Hi I am currently taking English B HL but I have a problem with reading......(Silly huh??) Can anyone give me any suggestion of how to do well in reading a passage, especially a long one??. Thank you.
  7. I think nothing is "The hardest", it is just the way of understanding each concepts...if I revise something that is really hard, then I will be able to understand the stuff....
  8. But most universities in America are Need-based financial aid right?? Does that mean, based upon my family's financial condition, the scholarship will be provided?
  9. bulareo


    Has anyone ever made it to Stanford University with IB scores only? Because I am aiming for Stanford and it seems like the university cares more on SAT than IB.
  10. I am currently aiming for Stanford university in America (with scholarships)but going to Stanford requires SAT than ib. Should I focus on SAT than IB??
  11. Umm...... I'm still up to Discrete random variables...but...... How hard is calculus??.
  12. I am planning to do something based on genetics and Ciguatera toxin........ but it will be friggin hard I guess.....
  13. I did one Vinegar titration two days before and the "experiment" was ok... But I stuck on calculating the concentration of vinegar. Can anyone help me how to calculate the concentration??. ( it will be awesome if someone give me the example) Thank you Reo year 12,
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