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  1. For the University of Queensland, this is what they want http://www.uq.edu.au/international-students/english-language-requirements I would not recommend taking a 7th subject, 6 is enough to deal with as is!
  2. Something I found that helped when I needed to relax, was watching nature documentaries. Because it gave you a break, but also case studies as examples for exams. You may also find reading magazines such as the national geographic helps!
  3. As an Aussie uni student, even though it will be exam time, this affects students, not staff. They may be on a reduced time table but international advisors and such should still be available. Most of the units have an international advice team you can contact? For instance, these guys at UQ! http://www.uq.edu.au/international-students/enquire-online
  4. I think my friend is a member of this college if you want advice?
  5. So recently a friend introduced me to this, and I am finding it really helpful to organise study, but wish I had it during IB! So I highly recommend this site! https://habitrpg.com I hope it helps!
  6. Well, Maths is said to be a universal language, but there a cases where it isn't, for example, different countries will expect different methods to be used, etc. So you could kind of look at something from that angle. To what extent is always a good way of covering things.
  7. So, according to one of my teachers, diploma students from Australia can go to a graduation ceremony in Sydney, if their results are high enough. Anyone else know about this? Or any more details?
  8. How much would it be advisable to write? I get the idea all points need to be covered, but to anyone who did it, or has had trials, how many pages/words have you been told to write?
  9. That sounds awesome, but just make sure you relate it to 2-3 knowledge issues.
  10. Is there a maximum amount of exams we can sit per day? One of my coordinators said something about rescheduling if it exceeds 3 hours and some of mine will amount to 3.5 hours in one day. Can we elect to sit these anyway? I'd rather get it over with.
  11. No, because I can no longer study overseas, which is why I have wanted to do IB for 10 years. I wish I had had more freedom of choice and could have lived without the stress. But, there are good sides to it, I have great teachers, good friends and have learnt a lot.
  12. I read everything I could on the topic and then developed a question from there. Ended up with 10,000+ of research and a 1,000 plan. Now I just need to write it....
  13. Not sure about the topic doability but I think a part of me just fainted due to too much awesome. I really hope that you can do this, the moderators will get a great read I'm sure!
  14. No. Many non IB kids are just as if not more driven. However, not doing IB allows for specialisation in areas they are interested in. So for example, I have one friend who is studying several types of science, more than possible with IB. Another is taking several photography classes, art and media. In fact many kids who started out as IB did so because they were unsure of what to do and wanted to be broad with subject choices. While some may not mind so much, by this age a majority have found something they love doing and this motivates them.
  15. I've been wanting something like this since I started and tried using a combination of programs plus 30+ hours writing out cards and vocal lists. This does it all! It makes me so happy, I might actually pass now...
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