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  1. hey guys..i have seen that CAE (certif of advanced english) brings you 70 points.does IELTS bring you so?
  2. i heard some people talking about going to university 2 days a week and 3 other days working full time...does it sound familiar to any of you this?is that possible also for top 10 unis?because when i type on google part time degrees in uk for engineering nothing comes out... any advice much appreciated
  3. hello...i have actually a question..if i take the IB in english and also english B as my second language would that be enough when applying to universities like UCL, Bath, Imperial...
  4. hey...i was wondering wether is possible or not for a second year entry into the engineering courses around uk.. any help much appreciated
  5. hey all...what are the universities which offer the engineering courses in english in Paris? thanks... PS: if you know any other english courses for engineering not being taught in UK let me know...(obviously good unis)
  6. what is the best maths HL core textbook you suggest me for taking the 2013 examinations? thanks
  7. is ti hard to score A in physics EE???suggestions to avoid common mistakes which take down quite a bit of marks?
  8. yeah but like why is looked sometimes as an easy option if you actually dont know anything about that language?..kind of strange really...
  9. yeah but obviously german ab initio is easier then anthropology to score a 6 or 7...i dont have a clue about the german so... thanks for your advices though... i havent done in my life any chemistry i think i am going to struggle in it maybe..
  10. hey guys...i would like to ask you something from your experience...does an ab initio language look that bad if applying let's say to oxford or UCL?i dont know that language and i start to learn it from scratch...is it seen as an easy option to the big unis? thanks
  11. but really they should not be..because if you indeed had no previous knowledge in them then are not that easy..
  12. however like if i take HL maths physics english B or A2 SL sloveneA1, phylosophy, german ab initio or spanish B would it be looking oK?better B language or like ab initio are not disregarded?
  13. what is the IMO? and what do you mean by diverse and well rounded person?in positive sense? so you would say UK universities dont really look at the toughness of your subject choice but rather the total points yeah?
  14. hello guys..after my pre ib i am off to the IB diploma now in september...but still not sure what exactly to take when applying for the mechanical engineering in UK...their main requirements are always Maths and Physics HL...but i have been told chemistry HL is really relevant...is that truth?i am not good at chemistry i am very **** in it so i dont wanna take it...would you say it makes a different for later? also my subject choice would be: HL maths, physics, English A2 SL SloveneA1, phylosophy, anthropology/or third language.... What would you say???anthropology or a third language???would
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