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  1. I personally found probability the easiest. Calculus is hard, but manageable. What confused me the most was I think the Complex Numbers under the Algebra topic.
  2. Ahaha, will never, ever have to write a German essay in my whole life again! (Unless I end up studying in Germany....) I'm living in Europe, (so I presume TZ 2), and am taking SL. I found the both pairs of texts given to analyze in Paper 1 just plain stupid (I ended up taking the one about inflation) and Paper 2 went fine, I think, even though I didn't like the questions that much. Still ended up taking question about how the works read in the course have ethical or educational values in them, that can be applied to daily basis. So, how did yours go? Does anybody else take German A2 in the for
  3. What TZ are you, and what options did you do? Europe, so I think TZ2? I took astrophysics and relativity. Astrophysics didn't go that badly, but relativity was just a disaster, ended up guessing a lot of the questions. I just have to hope that my IA grades will save me in the end
  4. Castro would also have been a good choice, especially one can analyze a lot with his policies. Cuba is also one of the few countries that stayed communist, too.
  5. Ahaha, I just have to hope that it stays low. Paper 1 might be something like 36 or 37 for a 7, for Paper 2, I can't judge.
  6. TZ 2, a bit better than Paper 1, but still not great
  7. I can't verbally describe it, it's got to do with his facial expression, and the way he looks at me, with his lips pointed a bit forwards
  8. Maths HL and Chemistry HL, I think Maths, we just got a really good teacher, Chemistry, well, I have to do self-study, but the subject in itself is just amazing!
  9. Option C and D (Industrial Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry). D was pretty solid, C was just plain stupid - I guess I could have studied more.
  10. The physics paper 3 was the HARDEST that I've ever seen in my whole f***ing life! I suppose it didn't go that badly, but didn't go that well either
  11. They might have included the MYP in there, possibly. Most of us are only doing the diploma programme.
  12. Mmmm... I applied for medical schools in the UK and I know that I have very low chances.... Done an interview in one university, will do another interview for another university in January, and am still waiting for replies from the one last university. Hoping to pay it by getting some scholarships from company sponsored things or whatsoever. No way I would be able to pay them elsewise.
  13. No, actually the requirements for German universities are not as harsh as many people wrote above. The requirements are: German (no matter HL or SL) in A level (i.e. A1 or A2) (If this is not taken, a German test has to be taken before the actual admittance into the university to prove yor profficiency) SL or HL Mathematics (though in some states like Berlin, Studies is also going to be accepted from 2010 onwards) 1 HL course in a science subject Preferably an HL course in the subject you want to study These would be it. No HL A1 German courses needed. However, one should keep in mind that IB
  14. Besides, the Scottish Universities being cheaper than other regions of UK isn't entirely true. They cost as much as the rest of Britain too, only that when you are living in Scottland (not England, Wales, Northern Ireland) or an EU citizen, your fees will be paid by an institution (whose name I've forgotten). You seem to come from Finland, so yes, your fees will be covered.
  15. You need chemistry HL for most of the medical schools in UK. Our school does not offer Chemistry HL either, so I ended up doing a self study. (Don't know how well it will turn out though). Besides, you also have to keep in mind that if you want to study medicines in the UK, you need to do medical tests like the BMAT or the UKCAT (the deadlines for these are over this year) and the applying deadline is also the 15th of October instead of the 15th of January. Good luck with your applications
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