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  1. I also found text C hard, but text D wasn't as difficult as others that we have done, so overall it was okay. I did question 2 - writing a blog about a day out with your family. On the whole it was better than practice papers I have done
  2. I just thought we could share useful websites that we have found. Here's one to start http://hartonlinebio.com Happy revising xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. We've done some research in class into the contextual ideas behind a poem. I was just wondering how important this is in the exam, and how much contextual information we should put in. If there is a question that allows more contextual discussion, is this favourable to a question focussing only on the poems themselves? Thank you
  4. thank you I didn't realise... i couldn't do the trig questions, but I was so stressed out that I just thought it was me being stupid, so I just wrote all of the working down and moved on. Thank you though I hope I manage to pick the marks up on paper 2, although I doubt it
  5. I looked at that question and thought how lovely it was! Hahaaa we studied Plato, although not for our set text and I thought that was a good question Yes, I did the iPhone picture. I wrote about whether machines can replace human communication, and how the guy in the picture could pretty much do everything that he needs without actually communicating, I wrote about Aristotle and the need for friendship and stuff. What did you write about? Also what were your two options? I did ethics and politics.
  6. I did Mill's 'On Liberty' and did the question 'Discuss the relationship between utility and liberty' or something like that. Which text did you do?
  7. How did you all think philosophy went? I thought the core picture wasn't very easy to write about, but paper 2 and 3 were quite nice I really enjoyed paper 3
  8. I used Pythagoras for question 15, and worked out that he couldn't reach the point. However, after the exam I realised that I'd done all of paper 1 with my calculator in radians instead of degrees, so all of my trig will be wrong hopefully I'll get some method marks though.
  9. Hi My Psychology teacher said that it would be unlikely for them to give us the specimen questions, however you cannot completely miss it out, just in case. I would love the specimen questions, I thought they were quite nice... if only they were the actual questions!
  10. Hi I was just wondering whether anyone had any advice for political philosophy exams (ours is in 2 days) and does anybody know how specific the questions can be? Thank you
  11. Hi You can also use it for "Discuss ethical considerations related to research studies at the SCLOA"
  12. Are paper 1 and paper 2 equally weighted? Or is one worth more than the other?
  13. Hi everyone I've been doing some Maths studies practice papers, and I was wondering what the grade boundaries were. Is is 80% for a level 7?
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