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  1. I did my EE in this course...
  2. I think its important to discuss also some of the implications which a lot of you have put forth. First off, Caffeine is not "bad". If you assumed it was because it was labeled a "drug" than you have a long way to go. These labels are used to refer to substances that interact with hormones, are involved in bodily chemistry and have immediate effects on your body systems. Is that bad? no. There has been extensive research that shows caffeine consumption in higher quantities is a health benefit. And I wont quote just any study, here is one that has gained recognition internationally. Under 20
  3. Shorty


    I got through IB just fine without spares =)
  4. If you need to rely on a substance to get through IB, you shouldn't have enrolled in the first place. I can safely say that I have never used caffeine, nicotine or any other substances to help me get through IB. All I needed was my friends and some time to myself.
  5. Keegan I would apply to McGill, UBC and U of T. They generally will have more money to fund their medical programs and other related programs. I'd say your best bet is UBC because its not out of province for you. If you recall the McGill Rep. said out of province students have a 0.01% chance of getting accepted into the medical school.
  6. Take a look at this link. http://findoutmore.uwaterloo.ca/thenextstep/applicants/aif.php
  7. The competitive average is different every year. They would have to see the admitted scores from last year and do a reasonable average for the next year. A big part of applying for UW is to do their AIF. TRUST ME it will be well worth it in the end if you do your AIF, especially if your program is competitive.
  8. 1. That purely up to the listener him/herself. Since We have freedom of choice we have full control over the type of music we listen to. As for blasting the music, I tend to turn up the music a tad bit when I'm driving but when I'm stopped at an intersection I turn it down because I know it may be irritating for other drivers. 2. Artistic Freedom. 3. Again, its up to the person and it wouldn't be fair to the artists since it may alter their hidden message in the song's lyrics.
  9. That the year has to end and that I'll probably never see some of the students in my graduating class ever again.
  10. Your name is Muhammad...I'm not really good at this. HAha..
  11. I'm probably going to take my Geo credits. I've heard from friends, currently in university doing the same courses, that there are new things learned in university in respect to Chemistry and Biology. So chances are I'm not going to take those credits because I'm going into Sciences.
  12. 90% of men kiss their wife goodbye when they leave the house. The rest kiss their house goodbye when they leave the wife. I filled out an application that said, "In Case Of Emergency Notify". I wrote "Doctor"... What's my mother going to do?
  13. My friend got in to UCLA for electrical engineering is predicted a 39/45 I believe. I'm not too sure about his SAT scores but I believe its over 2000. One thing you should try to do is participate in as much extracurriculars as possible with important positions because American universities really look for things like that. Good luck with your SATs
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